Wednesday, November 30, 2011

PTI: Cheap Thrills (Michael Kors Watch Edition)

Two weeks ago, I took a small gamble on a couple of cheap watches by a brand called Geneva.  I was looking to indulge in the oversized watch trend without shelling out the money for a quality piece.

I posted about one of these watches already, but I've worn them each a few times now and I'm just so darn happy with them that I thought they deserved a special post.

Geneva Chronograph Look ....Acrylic Tortoise Link Closed Band..Extra Large Face...Gold Trim ($20 + $4.50 shipping) (currently unavailable, but this looks like the same one, for $30 + free shipping) (the clasp on this one is a bit tricky to fasten, but once it's on, it's on)

Make no mistake:  These are cheap watches.  While the Crawford watch is pretty weighty, the tortoise one is quite light and the band is plastic-feeling.  Some of the Amazon reviews indicate that the Crawford watch may shed rhinestones (this hasn't happened to me yet in about 5 wears).  The three mini watches are just for show---the three little hands stay firmly at 12:00.  And, of course, neither watch has any precious metals in it.

In short, these watches are not getting mistaken for the Michael Kors variety (they are $20 each, compared to $200+, for Pete's sake) but they have the same oversized silhouette and general aesthetic for a fraction of the price.  It seems like each time I wore them, someone complimented me on my watch (one girl, who I'd previously talked to about how much I like the Michael Kors watch she had, even said, "Oh, you bought the watch!").  The complimenters were genuinely surprised to learn (on the occasions I told them) that the watch only cost $20.

(Michael Kors on the right, Geneva on the left)

So, if you're just looking to add an oversized watch to your arm party but don't care if it's great quality, you may want to look into these Geneva pieces.  I'm really happy with mine.

Don't say I never did nothin' for ya.

(PS:  I feel the need to say, since this post is entirely focused on products, that this is not a sponsored post, although I am using Amazon affiliate links, because why the hell not.)

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