Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PSA: Buy This Skirt

I'm telling you guys, you should probably buy this skirt.  It was only a slightly difficult decision at $70, but it's now been reduced to $40 which makes the calculus that much easier.  Sure, there may be some around in a few weeks when we get hit by Anthro's 50% off sale, but if I didn't already have this in one color I'd be pouncing at this price.

(Worn here...purchased for 40% off the first cut price, which was ~$40!)

It's comfortable, it's a good length for average-sized girls (I'm 5'6" and it is a centimeter or two off the floor when I wear flats), and IT'S MACHINE WASHABLE AND MACHINE DRY-ABLE.  Oh Anthro, please do this more often!

Are you guys getting anything in the sale today?  I always think I'm safe from new markdowns, and then a few very intriguing pieces hit sale and I start to think that I totally need two more dresses.  Maybe three.  Oh, and a shirt with deer on it

I did exercise a bit of restraint (always difficult when Anthro.com offers free shipping) and I just got a few shirts and a jacket.  Not sure about the fit yet since I ordered online, so a few pieces may be going back.  And of course, there's always the chance likelihood that I'll make my way to an Anthro this week and succumb to a few more goodies...

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