Thursday, November 10, 2011

OOTD: Presidential

Here's what I wore to see the President yesterday:

Yeah, you heard me.

I mean, okay, sure I was a few rows away from the man, BUT STILL.

Through my job, I was invited to attend the annual dinner for the National Women's Law Center.  We were in for a pleasant surprise when the NWLC announced that this year Obama would be the guest speaker.  I've never heard him speak live before, so I was looking forward to witnessing the legend.

Of course, he was very good.  I don't think any human being can live up to the expectations he's created for his own speaking ability, but he was very endearing and thoughtful in his remarks.  The NWLC dinner honored Freedom Riders this year (it's the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Rides), and Obama talked a bit about the "direct line" between the Freedom Riders and the progress of women today.  He talked about the pace of change, and how it's often slow and arduous, but that's how things have to happen sometimes.  There was a bittersweetness in the air; this man who'd based his whole campaign on change was now very acutely aware of the fact that he couldn't do it without the support of Congress.

I don't know.  I hope he gets a second term, and I hope the Republicans in Congress realize that it's in nobody's interest for them to just "wait it out" another four years in the hopes of swinging national sentiment back to their side.

I'm simplifying the issue here, I know.  I hate politics, but I do love this blouse.
In this Outfit:
Anthro Blazing Blouse (6)
UO Blazer (via Gabriel Brothers)
Mossimo via Target Skirt (circa 2009)
Dexter via Payless Pumps (9)
Coach Necklace
Earrings via Eastern Market, DC
Kate Spade Cocktail Ring

(PS:  Is it just me, or are these android photos starting to look a bit better?)

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