Friday, November 4, 2011

OOTD: Feeling Green


This week---you guys---just WOAH.  Outrageously busy, regularly leaving the office after midnight, sleeping five hours or's been very taxing.

On the plus side, here's how I know I'm in the right profession:  even in spite of the hours I've been working this week, I am THRILLED with the stuff I've been doing.  I am psyched to come into work and conquering my assignments makes me feel awesome. 

Perfect example: last night, I stayed late to draft some motions. Another first-year associate (like me) is working on the case and stayed late, too. Even though we were both working hard on a Thursday night, we kept coming into each other's office to chatter excitedly about various aspects of the work. In a weird way, this stuff totally pumps me up. Maybe it's just because I'm green at the job, but I'll still take it as a good sign.

(Incidentally, this outfit features an exclusive and almost-perfect balance between J.Crew and Anthropologie, which is sort of an OOTD representation of the sartorial friendship between the aforementioned colleague and myself---she's mainly a J.Crew gal, and I'm mainly an Anthro gal, but we get along swimmingly nonetheless.)

Regardless, I look forward to December when I think things may slow down a bit.  I left work early (read:  at 7:30pm) for a personal commitment on Wednesday, and a few hours into the night I started feeling sick and feverish (an entirely different kind of green feeling).  Although my body fought off whatever was gaining ground in that moment, it served as a reminder that even if I'm CAPABLE of working these hours, I need to stay accountable to my health and sanity.  A few of you lovely readers have made that point before, and of course you are absolutely right.

Love the ruffled back!

In other news, I returned my iPhone 4s and got a temporary Android replacement.  I was having terrible issues with battery life (i.e., I lost 10-15% of the battery when the phone sat in standby mode for an hour) and my internet service with Sprint was PAINFULLY slow.  I wanted to exchange the Sprint iPhone for an AT&T one (I have an unlimited plan with AT&T from my old iPhone), but the Apple store was sold out of AT&T models that I wanted.  I decided to try out an android for a few weeks to see what the fuss was about before returning it and getting a hopefully-in-stock AT&T iPhone (did you know cell phones come with a 30-day return policy??  that will revert your contract exactly back to where it was if you return the phone??).  Battery-wise, I sincerely hope that I either got a dud phone or that battery issues will be addressed with an effective software update.

I'll write a fuller post later on my android v. iPhone thoughts, but the short version is that this phone makes me furious at both Android and Apple for not teaming up to make the perfect phone.  More to follow, although I will say I'm pretty sure I will return this Android (I got the Galaxy s2---a few days before the new one is scheduled to come out!  #researchfail #returnpoliciesaremyfriend).  I think you can see an incredible difference in photo quality between these outfit photos and the photos I took with my iPhone on Monday.  Despite the fact that this Galaxy s2 comes with an 8MP camera, it's clear that the iPhone's lenses/internal camera workings are far superior to those in this phone.

Plus, I've got all these cute Kate Spade iPhone cases and nothing to do with them :-)

In the meantime, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Android v. iPhone question.  What kind of smartphone do you have, and why did you choose it?

In This Outfit:
J.Crew Silk Pocket Tank (4)
Anthro Whipped Woolens Cardigan (M)
J.Crew Pencil Skirt (scored on eBay--I've started stalking J.Crew pencil skirts in my size so I can build my collection cheaply!)
Anthro Buttondown Heels (via Buffalo Exchange)
Anthro Pacific Shimmer Earrings
J.Crew Factory Enamel Critter Charm Necklace (Elephant) (on sale for $20 here) (I also have the rhino)
J.Crew Painted Denim Belt (M)

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