Saturday, October 8, 2011

A (video) walk through Anthropologie in Penn Quarter

On Friday, the newest DC-area Anthropologie opened its doors.  I snuck in after work on Friday night to take a look around.  I shot a video walking tour for your viewing pleasure (and, yes, felt like a total creeperson walking wordlessly through the store with my PowerShot in hand and a bizarre smile on my face):

I love this blazer + shirt combination.

My favorite part -- the sale room!  By square feet alone, I'd say it's bigger than both the Georgetown and Chevy Chase sale rooms.  Of course, Georgetown's sale merchandise often spills out onto the main floor, so this may not be a fair comparison.

Cool, if not a bit low-hanging, mobile

This is such a great way to display bags!  I have an empty wall in my apartment begging for similar treatment.

One of the alcoves was decorated to look like a bathroom/the creepy room in "Saw."  Cool pipe light fixure!

I am such a sucker for Anthro mugs like these.

Love these displays.  They make me want to go garage-saleing!

Another fun outfit combo.  Dress + Jacket

As happy as I am to have this lovely Anthropologie nearly twice as close to me as the next closest store, this store opening is NOT good news for me.

Please understand.  My office is a straight shot on the metro from my apartment.  Before this Anthropologie arrived, my commute looked something like this:

Now?  The Anthropologie is also a straight shot to my office.  In fact, it's right in between my apartment and my office.  In fact, one might even say the Anthropologie is "on the way."  "On the way" to what, you ask?  TO EVERYTHING, I SAY.

WTF am I supposed to do now?!

True story:  I returned some stuff at the new Anthro, and while looking through my purchase history to find the receipt for my return, the sales associate let slip that I have 77 pages of purchase history.  SEVENTY-SEVEN PAGES, people.  This cannot be anywhere close to the average, especially since I really only started shopping at Anthro about a year and a half ago.

I repeat:  this store opening is not good news for me.

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