Monday, October 3, 2011

Use it or Lose it Round 2: The Chopping Block

Best.  Monday.  Ever!

I know Monday is supposed to be a bit of a dreary day, but I must say that I'm pretty excited it's finally here.  I worked nearly an 80-hour week yesterday in an attempt to meet a Monday deadline, so in the weird parallel universe that I seem to inhabit, Monday brought with it the sweet relief of a DECREASE in my workload.  Spending my first weekend on the job, well, on the job in the office was quite a way to start my working life.  It helps that I love the work, eh?

If you feel less thrilled about this Monday than I do, mosey on over to Little Girl Big Closet and check out Tara's hilarious post today, "Of Butterflies, Rainbows, and Other Innocent Hobbies."  I was very excited to participate in this fun idea---thanks again for including me, Tara!

Another reason I'm exciting about Monday:  today marks the first day of the Use it or Lose it Challenge!  I identified my items this morning, and throughout the month I will attempt to wear these periodically.  Those that I can't wear will soon appear on my blogsale.  In fact, there are a few new pairs of shoes up for sale that I didn't even want to bother including in the challenge.

For those participating, leave a comment here when you put up your initial post---time deadlines are flexible, so no worries if you can't get it up today---and include the link to your "use it or lose it" tag!

So, without further ado, here are the items up on the chopping block:

Use it or Lose it, Round 2

(clockwise from polyvore)

1. It's in the Details Jacket (Anthro) (reviewed here):  I was SUPER excited to score this jacket on its second-cut price, but it fits me a bit awkwardly and I don't find myself reaching for it as much as I thought.  It IS in the details...all those intricacies make it difficult to pair this with anything except plain outfits.

2.  Wily Sweater (Anthro):  Another busy piece that does not play well with others.

3.  Steamed Cappuccino Cardigan (Anthro):  I picked this one up at a clothing swap I arranged with my friends, but I have not yet worn it!  Not sure if this is because it's slightly small or if it's just not my style.

4.  Breezy Polkas Cardigan (Anthro) (worn here):  I got this without realizing it was a popular piece (i.e., I wasn't sucked into a frenzy), but the polka dot ribbon throws me off a bit on this one (I am noticing a theme---busy-ish cardigans do not seem to work well for me!).  I also think I may have mishandled it in the wash or else it's a size too big for me, because it lays a bit weird on me.  Still, it's so cute so I want to give it a chance to impress me.

5.  Striped/Grid Cardigan (Ann Taylor) (not pictured in polyvore, but on the top left corner of the couch):  Do I even need to type it again?  Busy, hard to pair with other things since I'm often wearing patterns etc. as my base layer.

6.  Unknown Velvet Blazer with Tulle Accents by Odille (presumably Anthro; thrifted):  Anyone know the name of this one?  Apparently I have a prejudice against velvet because something about this blazer is turning me off!

(from L-R, middle row to bottom row in polyvore)

1.  Dexter Gillian Flats (Payless):  You know.  Meh.  These easily fall to the back of my shoe cubbies.

2.  Prep Pumps (Exchange by Charles David):  I bought these in the height of my phase (I came to hate their return policy).  If memory serves, they're slightly uncomfortable to walk in, so I've avoided wearing them.  What kind of logic is that, I say??

3.  Blue Horizons Booties (Anthro):  I got suckered into buying these for $30, but I only wore them once to disastrous effect.  Do I try again or just throw in the towel?

4.  Slagle Heel (ALDO):  These are very cute and were very on sale, but they are a bit tight on me.  I have been hoping they'd stretch out, but haven't wanted to put in the legwork (hyuk hyuk) to make it happen.

5.  Purple People Eaters (T.U.K.) (worn here):  I have described these as a "huge life mistake."  'Nuff said.

...So, are you playing along?  What's on your chopping block?

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