Thursday, October 6, 2011

Use it or Lose it OOTD: Ruffled Polkas

Welcome back to my life, Peppered & Striped Skirt.  I missed you this summer, when warm temperatures made our love impossible.  But now it's cooler and my legs crave your woolen force field of cold weather protection.

I'm wearing the first of my "Use it or Lose it" items in this outfit:  my ALDO Slagle Heels.

I gotta tell you, I kind of hate ALDO.  I hate them because they consistently churn out shoes that LOOK cute, but then quickly reveal themselves to be:

a) Outrageously uncomfortable
b) Poor quality materials
c) Strangely sized

These shoes are no exception.  They were so cute and so cheap that I caved and bought them, but they're just a smidge too tight on me.  I'd say these fit a size 8.5 or a very narrow-footed 9.  I was hoping that a day of wear would stretch them out, but unfortunately I couldn't wait to get these girls off when I got home.

Use it or Lose it?  I'm losing them.  They're adorable and go with a LOT of outfits, but they're just not comfortable on my foot.  They'll appear on my sale blog this weekend.

Boo, ALDO.  I'm swearing you off!

In this Outfit:
Banana Republic Top (M)
Anthropologie Peppered & Striped Skirt (8)
Anthropologie Van Wrinkle Sweater (M)
ALDO Slagle Heels (40)

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