Monday, October 24, 2011

Use it or Lose it OOTD: Purple People Eaters

Guys, this outfit?

Kind of made me feel like a rockstar.

I guess it's hard to go out on a Saturday night wearing neon green and purple leopard-print shoes and a party dress WITHOUT feeling like a rockstar, but still.  I almost gave up and relegated these shoes exclusively to October 31st, but I'm glad I gave them a shot.

The best part about wearing these shoes for a night out on the town is their awesome peacocking effect.  Everywhere I went, people wanted to talk to me about my shoes.  This was a great filter for people, because the only folks who found these shoes buzz-worthy were exactly the kind of people that you would want to have a random conversation with on the metro, street, or in a bar. 

Even though I went out by myself, these shoes constantly kept me in the action.  A random guy even stopped me on the street just to tell me I was a "stone cold fox."  Who'd have thought these bizarre pumps would be such a confidence-builder?

Use it or Lose it?  I've gotta use them, if only because nobody in their right mind would buy these in my blogsale.  They're not particularly comfortable in the long haul (I think they're made of plastic), but they're perfect for a few hours of fun.  (Bonus:  our party site in Columbia Heights, Meridian Pint, operates free pedicab service on weekends, so I didn't even have to walk the four [sketchy] blocks back to the metro!  WIN!)

Also, I sprung for this book clutch over the weekend in Kate Spade's Friends and Family sale (I also bought an iPhone case and a backup iPhone case because...did I mention I got a new iPhone 4s?!).

I've only gone out with it once, but there was enough room for my cards, my phone, my kindle, my key, and a few small bits of makeup.  I actually loved holding gave me something to do with my hands at the bar when I wasn't holding a drink!

I almost left it behind because (embarrassing admission) I have never read Pride & Prejudice.  I figured maybe I should wait until Kate Spade came out with a clutch in a book I actually loved.  But the sales associate told me a story that sealed the deal:  she loved the book The Great Gatsby, but was underwhelmed with the appearance of Kate Spade's Great Gatsby book clutch.

It made me realize that I should really go with the color scheme and design I loved...and when I held this clutch in the mirror, I let out an audible and totally inadvertent whimper.  It was love.  And for 30% off---and considering the fact that I haven't seen any iterations of this clutch go on sale yet, nor are they any less expensive on eBay---it seemed worth the splurge.

<3 everything about this outfit, basically.

In this Outfit:
Dress via Marshall's
Anthro Shadowsleeve Cardigan (M)
Kate Spade Pride & Prejudice Book Clutch (here)
Anthro High Gloss Belt (M)
Kate Spade "Lay in Lavender" Bangle (similar here)
Necklace via Eastern Market in D.C. (similar here---but be careful, the purple color can stain your skin!)
TUK Pumps
Anthro Earrings
Fossil Watch

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