Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OOTD: The Hunted

Maybe I've just been watching too much Walking Dead lately, but this outfit seems to be made up entirely of items that I hunted.

I bought this dress from Roxy's Trade Market, but I first spotted it several months before.  I found it swimming in the sale room, an older piece out of place among newer arrivals.  I didn't realize at the time that it was not only difficult to find but also likely much cheaper than the first-cut price on its tag would suggest.

I passed it up and then regretted it days later, but of course the dress was long gone.  I felt another twinge when I saw an Anthro sales associate wearing the dress (and looking lovely) soon afterwards.  Thus began THE HUNT.  I was almost single-minded in my search for this dress in my size and at a reasonable price.  The thrill of catching it almost matched the joy of stalking it.

This trenchcoat, an old London Fog "maincoat," came from a hunt of a different kind---a jaunt through a thrift store.  The color jumped out at me immediately, and my lust was only enhanced by the fact that: a) it fit; b) it is machine washable; c) it is functional; d) it was less than $20.  Something about the toil of sorting through the lots of useless stuff makes the occasional workable piece seem like a treasure.

That same logic applies to this cardigan, an H&M purchase.  H&M is, for me, a lot like thrift stores in that I must avoid the temptation to buy lots of crappy stuff just because it's reasonably-priced.  Finding a nice piece almost feels more rare at this big chain store than it does at your average thrift store.

Really, we can even throw the shoes and the necklace in the mix, too.  The shoes were acquired largely because of the fervor among Anthro-philes for these heels (although I have since come to absolutely love them on my own), and the necklace was a $10 sale purchase, inspired by the fact that I mercilessly hunt Anthropologie sale rooms.
What is it about the thrill of the shopping hunt that can distort our shopping perceptions?  I really like these items, but I think I'd be largely blind to their faults anyway because of the hunt required to make them mine.

In this Outfit:
Anthro Grasby Gardens Dress (6)
H&M mauve cardigan with floral mesh shoulders (M)
Anthro Anticipation Heels (8.5)
Anthro Frozen Globes Necklace
Anthro hair clips
Earrings from a street vendor
London Fog Maincoat (6)

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