Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OOTD: Feedback Loop

I love everything about the way this outfit came about.

First, I saw Laura wear the Great Dots Maxi Dress here many months back.  It looked so cute on her that the dress wound up on my radar.  When it got a second cut down to $40 a few weeks later, I couldn't resist buying it.

Recently, I wore it on my blog here.  After that, in a convenient but unrelated series of posts, the incomparable Kristina J. explored ways in which to wear your maxi skirt/dress in autumn (see e.g. here).  Around that time, fabulous reader Erin sent me a photo of her own styling of this dress for fall.

When I posted this outfit last week, I mentioned feeling as though the dress didn't really translate for work.  However, Kristina and Erin's autumn (and work-appropriate!) interpretations of this dress in turn inspired me to try styling this dress for work following Erin and Kristina's examples

I think having some kind of cropped layer is an almost-surefire way to keep the proportions of the maxi dress in check.  For example, witness how weird this looks:

FYI:  I ended up changing coats.

So, in sum:  Proportions.  Layering.  Make it happen.
In this Outfit:
Anthropologie Great Dots Maxi Dress (6)
J.Crew Haberdashery Shirt
Anthropologie Pullover (S)
Payless Magenta Pumps (9)
Earrings via Gilt
Coach Ring
Bijoux Watch (purchased on a cruise ship)
Necklace (gifted, garage-saled)

PS:  Let me tell you an awesome story about these pumps.  I bought them years ago at Payless and I have loved them.  They're comfy, they're classy, and they're surprisingly versatile.  Sadly, they started falling apart this year, so I planned to get rid of them and replace them with a new pair (was eying these), but I wasn't thrilled with the price tag on the shoes I was finding online.

Then I went thrifting last weekend, and what did I find staring at me on the shoe rack but THESE SAME PAYLESS SHOES in exactly my size and in barely worn condition!  YESSSSS.

These shoes and I are clearly sole-mates!

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