Wednesday, October 12, 2011

OOTD: A Day Off

I insisted on giving myself one work-free day this past weekend.  You wouldn't think it would be so hard, given that there were three weekend days to choose from, but work manages to seep into all empty spaces if you're not careful.

I chose Sunday as my day off.  I grabbed brunch, went to a neighborhood yard sale, then lounged on the couch for hours watching TV.  I invited a friend over for dinner before catching the explosive season finale of Breaking Bad, a.k.a. The Best Show on TV.

My yard sale purchase -- a two-tiered dessert tray made of plates ($3)

It wasn't just me taking a break---the weather took a day off, too.  The environment was already sick of autumn, it seems, and decided to revert back to sunny 80 degree temperatures.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the memo and left my warm-weather shorts inside.

Still, I loved this outfit.  Although the pullover was a bit warm, it's still light enough that I wasn't suffocating.  This maxi dress is so damn comfortable and effortlessly glam, but I hate the plain, white, high-waisted bodice portion that awkwardly straddles casual and formal, making it difficult for me to wear.

Torsos in mirror may be shorter than they appear.

The pullover, which is fashion's way of saying, "Fuck it, just don't look at this part underneath," was just the ticket.  (For a more dramatic and proportionally more excellent way of dealing with this dress's proportion issues, check out Clara's brilliant solution here.)

Clara's very cool modified dress aside, I hope the maxi dress trend never goes away.  I love walking around feeling like I'm wearing pajamas while looking like a million bucks.
In this Outfit:
Anthro Great Dots Maxi Dress (6)
Gray Pullover (purchased in boutique in Florence, Italy)
Anthropologie Fireball Headband
Anthropologie Ring
Anthropologie Pacific Shimmer Earrings
J.Crew Sandals (9)
Cole Haan Infinity Jade Bag (I can't tell if it's just me, just the light, or reality, but doesn't it look like this bag is becoming discolored?  Compare to here.)

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