Tuesday, October 4, 2011

OOTD: Business Casual FTW!

I think I'm screwing things up for everybody.

I hear people talk about how stupid little workplace perks are insignificant to their quality of life at the office in relation to more substantive aspects of their job.  This makes sense from a rational perspective.  And yet, workplace analysts produce studies showing that office workers can be pacified with free soda and snacks.  Who ARE these research subjects who prefer an excellent selection of free diet ginger ale to normal working hours, for example?

Well, hello there.  My name is Jewish Girl and I love free diet ginger ale.

Don't get me wrong, I also love the substance of my job.  I love my actual work more than I love diet ginger ale.  Make no mistake.

I'm just saying that the stupid little inconsequential perks make a HUGE difference in my job satisfaction.  I LOVE my free ginger ale and free Pirate's Booty.  And for those nights when I'm staying in the office until 11pm or later, the fact that I can wear something fun to the office instead of just black/white/gray/brown day in and day out...well, it keeps the creative, happy juices flowing as I burn the midnight oil.

So, thanks, law firm!  For both the business casual dress code and the free booty.

(Also, thanks to Hello Dodo, whose outfit here inspired this outfit!  I love the idea of wearing this dress with a strong belt and long cardigan.)

Do you have any fun perks at your job?  Do they make a difference to you?
In this Outfit:
Counting Angles Dress (Tracey Reese for Anthro) (S)
Shadowsleeve Cardigan (Anthro) (M)
Band Over Band Heels (Anthro) (9) (on sale here)
Punch Card Belt (Anthro)
Earrings (thrifted)
Necklace (Alexa Crawford Laila Rowe, circa 2005)
Ring (gifted)

PS:  I mentioned this last week, but the day I wore this outfit a girl actually stopped me on the street to compliment me on my shoes, and she mentioned that she could see them from two blocks away!

It's starting to get a bit too cold to wear open-toed shoes, but if this outfit was the last time my Band-over-Band heels see the light of day until spring, then at least they went out in style.

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