Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OOTD: Bursting at the Seams

Weight loss update:  I haven't lost any.  In fact, I think I gained a pound since my post about this subject a few weeks ago.  I'm not really trying...I dunno.  I need to find some motivation somewhere.  Perhaps it's in my closet?

See, this dress has always been a smidge small --- it's a size four when I'm usually a size six --- but it still miraculously, albeit barely, fits me.

Generally, I try to wear clothes that are comfortable, even if I weigh a bit more than I'd like.  I don't think that squeezing into a too-tight clothes is good for your self-esteem.  Geneen Roth has a great observation about this; she says that wearing clothes that are uncomfortably tight has a way of constantly making you feel inadequate in your body.  This mentality isn't good for you.

Regardless, I put this dress on because it's cute.  And it still zips.  And it's good to be gently reminded occasionally of the spectacular collection of pretty things I own IN MY SIZE.

So, you know, I'd kind of like to stay that way.
In this Outfit:
Anthro Blooms Upon Snow Cardigan (M)
Anthro Fifth Form Shift
Naughty Monkey "Walk the Talk" Pumps (9.5) (thrifted!)
Coach Legacy Stripe Ring
Anthro Tinsel Necklace
Anthro After the Rain Earrings
Fossil Watch

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