Sunday, October 23, 2011

I got an iPhone 4s!

After months of having a crappy pre-paid phone, it's nice to have a smartphone with a REAL web browser, games, and useable features.  In my six months without an iPhone, I realized that I would gladly pay someone $3 a day to have one, so the decision to buy a new one once a few of my paychecks cleared was an easy one.  I've had it for five days and it's been worth the $3 a day!

I'm very unhappy with the battery life, but I'm hoping my rapidly decreasing battery (sometimes I lose as much as 10% in an hour of idle-ness) is the function of a software bug that will be fixed soon.  In the meantime, I'm maximizing my battery-saving settings where possible.  Overall, I'd suggest waiting for the iPhone 5 unless you really cannot abide by your current phone anymore.

Trust me when I say that I could not abide.

As happy as I am with my new toy, this phone has made me somewhat afraid of being the victim of another property crime.  Some of you may have been around in May when I got mugged; I was targeted because I took my iPhone out in front of two bad kids.  Now that I have another snazzy phone, I'm almost afraid to use it for fear of being a repeat victim.  Of course it's important to be careful when taking out an expensive piece of technology, but there's a line between being cautious and missing out on the intended use of your phone for fear of victimization.

I don't know.  Some of you must have snazzy phones, right?  How do you use your smartphone in public?  Do you take it out on the subway?  While walking around?  When do you keep it hidden?

(Want to see something embarrassingly ironic?  Weeks before my phone was stolen, a classmate alerted me to this Gothamist article about careful use of the iPhone.  Recognize the Jewish Girl on her iPhone in the photo??)

At least my cute new Kate Spade iPhone case makes me feel less afraid of the bad people world:

$40 here (30% off with code FALL11FF---only until tonight!)

(PS:  I LOVED your suggestions for alternate uses of my "It's in the Details" Jacket on Friday!  I haven't had time to respond to your comments yet, but I can't wait to experiment a bit with your great styling ideas.)

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