Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Funday: time to lose weight

One of the bad things (the only bad thing?) about being on vacation for a month and a half---only to start a job that not only provides you with most of your daily meals BUT ALSO gives you lots of free snacks every day and free booze at least once a week---is that your weight has a tendency to creep up on you. 

I've only gained a few pounds since leaving for Europe at the start of August, but lately I have noticed quite a few signs from the universe that it's time to bring things back down to my normal weight.  Based on personal experience, I assembled a list:

Signs from the Universe that it's Time for You to Lose Weight

1.  A lot of your clothes seem to be mysteriously "shrinking in the wash."

2.  A lot of your clothes seem to be mysteriously "shrinking in the wash"...during the middle of the day.

3.  You observe two girls walking down the street eating ice cream and are able to deduce within a few seconds---based on the texture and color of their ice cream, the (lack of) toppings, the amount left in their cups, and its degree of melty-ness given the outside temperature---exactly where said ice cream was purchased.  From fifty feet away.

4.  The buttons on the waistband of your skirts start popping off BEFORE you put them on.

5.  Your boyfriend starts acting weird for a few days.  When you finally ask him about it, he gets all shy and reluctant, only to look you warmly in the eyes and ask, "I'm just wondering if pregnant?"

6.  You watch enough "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" to be unable to answer your boyfriend's question with anything resembling confidence.

7.  The lady giving you your flu shot emphasizes that you can't have it if you are within your first trimester.  (WHAT IS UP WITH PEOPLE?!)

[edit: 8.  After posting a seven-item list explaining that you need to lose weight, you hear a rumor that there's free frozen yogurt in the lobby and you immediately dart downstairs!]

[edit:  9.  After posting an eight-item list explaining that you need to lose weight, you realize that tonight is Kol Nidre, a night when Jews traditionally fast to atone for their sins.  Read:  Even You-Know-Who is trying to send me a message!]

So yes, readers, it's time for me to get back on the healthy eating and exercise horse.  It's been hard develop a new exercise routine with my new (and often unpredictable) working schedule, but given the fact that every single one of these list items happened to me in the last seven days, I'd say I now have sufficient motivation to make it happen!

How do you know when you've let things get a bit out-of-hand in that arena?  Do you have a personal signal?  Hopefully not your BF asking you if you're preggers?

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