Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Funday: The Internet is for LOLs

Inspired by my Facebook friends---who posted some seriously hilarious stuff on their walls this week---and a full day of procrastination on Wednesday, I decided to share with you a few of my favorite internet LOLs this week.

Shit That Siri Says:  Who knew the iPhone 4s's artificial intelligence mechanism had a sense of humor?

Suri's Burn Book:  I found this one through our good friends at GOMI.  It's a tumblr written by an imaginary Suri Cruise, whose imaginary personality is as repulsive as it is addictive.

27bslash6: Talented graphic designer David screws with stupid people.  My BF and I actually laughed until we were crying and could not breathe while reading this post and this post.  And also this one.

David's response to an email, "Are you going to make the pie charts for me or not?"  (here)

Anthroparodie:  So many people have sent this to me in the last few days!  Hilarious reimagination of Anthropologie catalog pictures.

[Anthroparodie's description:]

Fully Furnished Bohemian Crack Den
curl up and let your problems and worries drift away
into a sea of sapphire roccoco walls and plush iridescent bedding
this cozy and secluded retreat is injected with a soothing hash of azure patterns
perfectly tousled to enable your next fix of inspiration
feed your addiction to opulence
$1738 / month

McSweeney's Internet Tendency:  This literary magazine still comes up with some hilarious, edgy, creative fiction.  If you'd like to read an excellent example of perfectly executed ironic crescendo, read "I'm Sorry I Bit You During My Job Interview."  For another autumn classic, check out "It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers."

Feministry and Gosling: What if Ryan Gosling tried to pick you up using feminist-friendly pick-up lines?

Y U No guy meme:  Memes are usually pretty funny, but this particular one resonates with me.

(image from here)

Now a few Facebook finds:

Heaven forbid -- no bacon!

If you want to accumulate a lot of "likes" really fast, post this on your facebook wall.

Hilarity ensues when this Family Feud round asks, "Name something that gets passed around." It's worth watching until the end.

Happy Friday!

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