Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Use it or Lose it, Round 2

The votes are in, the results were tallied (a few hours late), and Ernst & Young has been pulling their hair out trying to figure out what to write down in the little white envelope.  As of this morning, there was a tie between the top two contenders for the next round of the Use it or Lose it Challenge---Cardigans/Jackets and Shoes.

Rather than cast the tie-breaker myself (which would be rather like choosing a favorite child), I will simply declare round two of the challenge to be a double-header!  Both footwear and sweater-wear are fair game for this challenge!

So now I'm officially announcing...

Use it or Lose it, Round 2:  A Double-Header!
Cardigans/Jackets and Shoes

The challenge will begin on Monday, October 3rd, and will end on Tuesday, November 1st

The Use it or Lose it Challenge is meant to be a figurative gun-to-the-head in the face of an overfull closet.

Your task:  go through your unused or underused clothing items and find a way to integrate them into your wardrobe---or else acknowledge that it's time to part with them.  You've got 30 days to use them or lose them.  You can identify as many or as few challenge items as you want.  The time deadline is aspirational; if you need longer than 30 days, go for it.

Link up with the challenge to be listed as a participant on this website and to include any eventual blog sales in our directory!

If you'd like to participate, here's what you need to do to link up:

1.  Create a Label/Tag/Filter/whatever for your Use it or Lose it posts (like this)

2.  Add this html code to your blog:

It will display a button that looks like this:

3.  Email me with the link to your "Use it or Lose it" blog label and I'll add you to the blogroll of participants.

4.  If you have a blog sale page that you'd like to include, send me that, too.

Use it or Lose it Posts:
  • On the first day of the challenge, start with a polyvore set or post a photo identifying your "at-risk" items.  
  • As you wear your at-risk items, take photos of your outfits and spill your decision---are you going to keep using it, or are you going to lose it?

It's that easy!  I'm looking forward to culling my closet with you all in October!

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