Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Use it or Lose it, Round 2! (Plus, odds and ends)

A few orders of business for you on this Wednesday morning.

First, over brunch this weekend, my friend Tony suggested I create a blog feed for people like him, who are interested in following my posts about travel, food, miscellaneous thoughts, etc. but could care less about what I wear or what I buy.  For similarly minded people on my blogroll, I've created a new blog tag that includes everything EXCEPT clothes and shopping-related posts.  You can access it by clicking here, or by clicking the self-explanatory link under my blog header.  You should be able to set up an RSS feed for that link, too.

(In that vein, I've put a few other fun quick links to post categories in the blog header as well.  There's also a list of links in the sidebar that will take you to some of my favorite blog features.)

Second, it's time for the next round of the "Use it or Lose it" challenge!  The first round, featuring skirts, was small but mighty.  As a reminder, the goal of "Use it or Lose it" is to identify items in your closet you're not wearing anymore but have still held on to; the goal is to use them within a limited span of time (ideally 30 days), or else sell them/donate them/otherwise part with them.  Many of you have asked for a second round, and I want to deliver!  For now, I'd like your feedback on the type of item you'd like to see featured in this round of the challenge.  Please vote using this poll, and I'll announce the result on Monday:
Third, I know that some people are not fans of GOMI, but seriously, some of these comments are AWESOME.  I'm not going to admit say that I've been reading this website since Friday, but I will tell you that I've been introduced to some seriously great stuff through the comments.  For example, LMGTFY.  What, you may ask, is LMGTFY?  Click here to find out.  I'll now commence using this all the time.  My friends will now commence phasing me out of their lives.

Fourth, I was remiss in not pointing out my post over at Gigi's Gone Shopping!  Gigi recently had a baby and asked several bloggers to list their five favorite items for fall.  You can read my list here.  Congratulations on your new baby, Gigi, and thanks for the opportunity!

Fifth, oh bajeez, I was not a good girl yesterday when most of my (remaining, small) Anthropologie wishlist went on sale.  If you haven't already seen it, check out Roxy's sale post.  Once I get back from Miami, I'll share the damage with you.

Sixth, did I mention I'm in Florida?  ...Suckas!
PS:  my Eurotrip shorts tan is slowly dissipating.  I might develop melanoma before it blends in entirely.

We're counting down my last days of ZERO responsibility before I start my law firm job on Monday.  Downsides:  far less spare time; increased risk of becoming a bigger douchebag than I already am.  Upsides:  valuable experience with excellent attorneys; travel; finally beginning the career I've wanted since I was in third grade.  And, of course, the paycheck doesn't hurt either. :-D

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