Monday, September 5, 2011

Sale Haul: A Labor [Day] of Love

Happy Labor Day!  I spent the last few hours on a red eye flight from Vegas back to D.C.  I'm always sad to leave Vegas---which is perhaps my favorite domestic travel destination---but I have been away from my apartment for all but two days in the last 35 days and it's nice to be home.  At some point I'll have to do some housework, but I'm leaving town AGAIN on Thursday for a week home in Miami!

In the meantime, let me show you my Los Angeles/Las Vegas sale haul.  The Las Vegas haul was particularly fun since I won quite a bit of money playing poker, so my shopping was covered!

My biggest and most exciting purchase was this purse, acquired at a steep discount from the Cole Haan outlet.  Right now on the Cole Haan website, you can get $50 off a $250 purchase.  But right now, at the Cole Haan outlet in Vegas, you can get $50 off a $150 purchase!  Two of my friends (Stephanie and Karen) have this bag in the yellow weave pattern so that one was definitely out, but I fell in love with this gray textured version.  And it was $50-off at the outlet!

I seem to have a tradition of buying a nice handbag if I win a big poker hand with unlikely cards...this purse was no exception, since it was paid for by 7-6 offsuit!

Cute, no?  I love the color; the gray transcends the seasons.

(At the Grand Canyon)

Sigh.  It's love.

Other new things in this outfit:

  • J.Crew Factory Animal Hair Belt in Zebra (S).  Similar one here for $35.
  • Kate Spade "Have Courage" Bangle, $35.  The whole Kate Spade outlet was 40% off, so it's a miracle I only bought two bangles.
  • Anthro Encircled Effulgence Posts in Sky, $28 here.
  • J.Crew Enamel Critter Charm Necklace (chartreuse hippo), $22 here.
  • Anthro Ternary Strap Tank (XS).  Currently $20 at Anthro.  I had to size down from a small to an XS, but if you're busty you'll need your normal size.  I love the way it sits on my shoulders!

More behind the cut:

Tie Bracelet from Pull my Daisy in LA (you saw this last week):

Banana Republic Tee:

J.Crew Factory Patent Tortoise Ballet Flat, $80 here (I got an extra 20% off).  I had to size up from a 9 to a 9.5:

Banana Republic Dress (M):  I loved how the colors of this dress are reminiscent of Anthro's lovely Loosened Shelby Blouse.

(Cool detail around the neckline):

J.Crew Factory Whipsnake Belt in gold (size small):

Kate Spade "Lay in Lavender" bangle (only $13!):

Coach Wristlet ($39):

Cole Haan Scooter Key Fob ($20):

The Gathering Tank in Turquoise, size M ($30 here).  I bought this in green, but I'm not sure whether I'll keep the green color since I really love this turquoise.  It's such a great color!  What do you think?  Keep [which] one or both?

Anthropologie Expanding Horizons Tank, size S ($30 here):  Sorry for the unflattering, weirdly-angled picture...

Banana Republic Lace Tank (size medium):

And finally a few leather goods from Italy that I forgot to show you:


Camera Case

I tend to shop a bit more during vacations since I get sick of the stuff in my suitcase and new clothes look even more appealing than usual!

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