Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pretend Sale Haul

I'm trying to resist this week's Anthropologie sale.

I know, I know---who do I think I am?  But until I have a paycheck or two under my belt I won't have a great idea of my new shopping budget.  On top of that, I carried a balance on my credit card last month for only the second time in the three years I've had the card.  Of course, I planned to carry a balance last month to facilitate my Eurotrip, knowing that my paychecks would be coming soon and would clear the balance within a month (and also knowing that, due to work demands, the Eurotrip was probably my last big vacation for a year or more).  Still, I am keeping a closer eye on my discretionary expenses until the credit card is paid off.  My strategy with the card has been to use it only in place of cash I have on hand in order to earn points, and regularly carrying a balance is not part of that strategy.

We can talk more about my overall financial strategy---which is still developing as my income increases---another time.

One thing I did splurge on last week?  This bracelet:

I'd been keeping an eye out for it since March or so, despite it's stupid price.  It's been sold out for a few months, but it popped back into stock on sale last week and I nabbed one immediately, planning to deliberate after it arrived.  Then it was reduced by another $30 this week, and Kate Spade kindly credited me for the price adjustment.  The price was still a little stupid, but I love its quirky vintage print.

In any case, my current attempt to be frugal won't stop me from imagining a bit.  Here are the items I would have added to my closet if not for these pesky interest rates:

Slubby Tulip Dress, now $80
But I can't pick a color...

Shapeshifter Maxi, now $80
This dress wound up on my radar after seeing it here.  I haven't tried it on yet, but I still have room for a handful more maxi dresses...

Glossed Loafers, now $80
I already have these shoes in turquoise, but if I had an unlimited budget, this closed-toe option might be more appealing.

Botanist Heeled Loafers, now $100
How great do these look on Lisa?? I was hoping these guys would drop down to $50 before I caved on them. They might still...I would be willing to call around to a few stores to track them down if they sell out online.

Floradoodle Baking Dish
Such a lovely dish! Things like this really underline Anthropologie's status as an "aspirational brand" in my mind. I see this dish and I think to myself, "I would make casseroles ALL THE TIME if I owned this!" History, of course, has proven this to be false.

Really, some of these might have slipped through the cracks of my discipline if I thought a maxi dress would be a work-appropriate purchase.  Floor-length dresses and skirts don't count as business casual, do they?  DO THEY??

Did you buy anything fun this week?

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