Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OOTD: Goodbye, Sweet Summer (part 1)

Could it really be that barely a week ago I was working on my tan on the beach in Florida?  I could swear that before I left D.C. for Florida two weeks ago, the weather was warm.  A bit hot, even.  I looked happily at the light dresses and shorts in my closet---although I couldn't take them all with me on vacation, I was confident there would be time to wear them upon my return.

And now what?!  It's chilly and gray in the mid-Atlantic and the prospect of allowing only a thin layer of cotton to separate me from the elements is about as appealing as identity theft.

Don't get me wrong, I love autumn.  The changing leaves, the spicy warm drinks, the offerings in the farmer's market, the holidays---it's all fantastic.  It's just---well, I'm just not ready to say goodbye to my summer wardrobe yet.  Perhaps the weather and I can strike a deal:  one more week of warm summer weather, and I'll execute three wardrobe changes a day until I grow bored and start reaching for my cardigans.  Whaddya say?

Is it just me who always drags her feet at the start of the new weather season?  I wasn't ready to let go of my light cardigans at the start of the summer, and now I still gaze longingly at my shorts and light dresses.  Come spring, you'll probably hear me begging for my scarves and cords.  Is there a particular season for which you find it easier to dress?  Any basic tips on "winterizing" your summer clothes?

Perhaps this is a sign that my closet is too full.  I gotta tell ya, The Year of Nothing New makes more and more sense to me every day.
In this Outfit:
Anthropologie Bayside Dress (S)
J.Crew Painted Denim Belt (M)
J.Crew Factory Patent Tortoise Ballet Pumps (8.5 - 1/2 size down)
Kate Spade Head in the Sand Melinda purse
Kate Spade Lay in Lavender Bangle
Anthropologie Pave Posts ($24 here)
Anthropologie Bassotto Necklace

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