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Sale Haul -- Pre-Eurotrip

You didn't think I'd let you go this long without a Sale Haul post, did you?  There isn't an ocean big enough to keep me from sharing my most recent shopping trips with you:

Sale Haul -- Pre-Europe

You've seen some of these pieces in OOTDs already, but here they are collected in one place in the interest of transparency for no good reason at all.  Actually, they're not even in one place, since a few of the purchased items have not been stalked/added to Polyvore yet.  Ah well.  I guess we're all roughing it a bit for this sale haul, huh?  Well, not me...I'm in Paris right now as you read this so I'm not roughing anything,

Nyah nyah,

I.  Pre-Bar Exam Buys

A.  Rue La La Arrivals

I posted about these pieces already (purchased from Rue La La, posted here), but they arrived early and I had a chance to try them on before leaving for Europe:

Eva Franco "Violet" Bloomtown Belted Dress

Eva Franco "Violet" Dakota Dot Belted Dress

Squee!  Love them!  They are about a half size too big on me, but they don't look too big in the photos and they are super-comfortable, so I'm going to keep them.  My favorite part about these dresses is that the drape so easily over the form; they're just a joy to wear because they flatter and elongate my body.

More, including a few un-polyvored items, behind the cut.

B.  There was a J.Crew sale.

I was feeling particularly vulnerable to impulse buys before the bar exam, since my stress levels were reaching an all-time high.  In light of this fact, it wasn't very nice of the folks at J.Crew to offer 40% off plus free shipping on all of their Factory merchandise.  Thankfully, I limited myself only to a few items that I'd been meaning to buy, anyway.  Kind of.  Plus a few other things.

J.Crew Factory Carson Shorts in Bright Plum, $25

The real question is:  how could you NOT be in love with these?!  I usually take a size four in these shorts, but the only size left was a six.  I went for it anyway because I'm in love with the color and I've got no regrets, copper!

J.Crew Factory Silk Pocket Tee in Bronzed Avocado, $25

I'm obsessed with this shirt.  I've got it in the blue and white stripes and love it (here), and couldn't resist buying another color.  The green shirt is my true size four, but it's a bit big.  I think I prefer the fit of the size two in this shirt, even though it doesn't leave much room for shrinkage.

Still, I'm keeping the tank.  It's simple, versatile, and comfortable.

J.Crew Factory Two-Pocket Chambray Shirt, $33

I was hoping to dive into the Chambray trend last sale haul with an Anthropologie shirt, but it was too small for me.  This one is much more comfortable.  I took my true size small.

J.Crew Factory Perfect Shirt in Washed Chambray, $33

Another chambray piece.  I am not sure whether this one will get as much wear as the darker wash, but we shall see...

C.  I found out on Roxy's "In Store Community Post" that an Illinois Anthro had the Apothecary Skirt in my size!

After seeing this skirt appear on several ladies in the blogosphere, all of whom rocked it in different and wonderful ways, I became curious.  I tried it on in my normal size six last month in DC, but it was a wee bit squishy around the waist.  I didn't bother to find a bigger size until a month later, when suddenly I was struck with the urge to own the skirt.  I posted on EA and a wonderful reader, Shirley, commented to say that she had a size 8 on hold for me at Illinois!  Hooray for Shirley and Roxy!

D.  Then, BHLDN had their first-ever sale.

If I hadn't told myself that I would DEFINITELY buy something in this sale, and if I hadn't been vulnerable from bar exam nonsense, I might have resisted these shoes, called the mixed posy wedge.  Which were final sale.  But they looked so damn cute online:

But in person, they make my feet look like Sasquatch:

Whomp whomp.  Also, they're a half-size too big.  Any 9.5 girls wanna buy this pair of size 9 shoes from me?  Anyone?

E.  The day before I left for New York, I consoled myself with a few pieces of cheap jewelry from Eastern Market in DC.

I ADORE this necklace (the purple is very bold in person), but the biggest negative is a doozy:  by the end of the day, one-half of my chest has a faint purple tinge to it!

This bracelet reminded me of an Anthro piece I wanted to buy.  Impulse/stress purchase, but I'm sure it will get a lot of use.  It's fine, if not a bit over-stretched/big.

II.  Bar Exam Halfway Point

I felt incredibly lucky that nothing particularly exciting went on sale at Anthropologie the Tuesday of the New York Bar Exam.  I'm sure it wouldn't have affected my performance, but it sure was nice to take the test without ANY threat of being preoccupied by the sale goodies I hoped I'd be able to pick up later.

That said, I still visited the Rock Center Anthro between Day 1 and Day 2 of the exam.  Ostensibly to return some things, but also to look around and relax by surrounding myself with pretty things.

Once there, I gravitated immediately towards these amazing turquoise shoes that I'd never seen before...

Band over Band Heels, here

These shoes haven't been a secret, but the image shown on the front page of the Anthropologie website depicting these shoes is of their more standard cognac color.  The turquoise is amazingly vibrant and beautiful and I could not resist them.

I usually wear a size 9 shoe, and took a 39 in these.  I wish a 39.5 was an option since I think that would be perfect, but the 39's should do just fine.  One thing to be careful about if you order online:  My first pair of these shoes included one shoe that squeaked quite a bit.  I exchanged them for a different pair with no squeaking, but if squeaky shoes are the type of thing that bothers you, then perhaps forgo these guys (or buy multiple pairs and return the squeakers).

Tinsel Necklace, $20

I love that this necklace is big and yet as light as air.  A subtle statement piece, if such a thing is possible.

III.  Post-Bar Exam

Dasara Belt, $30 ($22 with damage discount for minor damage on the back/inside of the belt)

Speaking of subtle statement pieces, witness the opposite:

This thing is MASSIVE but beautiful and primally irresistible.  The size small fits just above my hips, and then all the way up my ribcage for a more corset-like look.

I PROMISE, after this I will [try to] STOP BUYING dark brown leather belts.

I'd also hoped to buy the Tupelo dress as a post-bar reward (see here), but my size wasn't available anywhere in NYC or DC!  Then my friend Stephanie told me that she'd bought it (see her looking gorg in it here!) and I just lost a bit of my motivation to buy it full-price.  There's no good reason for this, really, since Steph and I are friends AND we live in different cities, which are both very conducive to buying the same dress, but so it goes.  I checked online and there seem to be a LOT available in my size, so I trust that I won't regret waiting at least until I return from Europe.  This dress wouldn't pack well, anyway.

But sigh, it is so beautiful.

IV.  Conclusion

In sum, the only purchase I really regret was my final sale BHLDN buy!  Now I KNOW I'm not the only one who's made an impulse buy in a moment of stress.  Tell me about your craziest, most-regretted impulse buy in the comments...

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