Monday, August 29, 2011

Sale Haul, European Edition

There was a time---a wonderful, naive time---when I thought I would abstain from shopping while in Europe.  For the first week or so, all I bought for myself was this cute wine stopper in Capri:

I figured this wine stopper would be the extent of my personal shopping.

I know, I know.  Who do I think I am?

After two weeks of traveling, I found myself in Florence---home to a fabulous outdoor market filled with cheap leather goods, jewelry, and more.

Florence Scarves:

(The back of the scarf above.)

This leopard thing is a scarf, but it had so much fabric that it worked as a maxi.  I wouldn't wear this as a skirt in a non-suitcase scenario, but I was SO sick of my other two skirts that I was willing to play a little loose with my garments, even if it made me look a bit preggo.

Florence Jewelry:

Sterling silver with moonstone.

Sterling silver bracelet.  The friendship bracelets were given to me by the jewelry salesmen from whom I bought a bunch of pieces.

More friendship bracelets.  Yeah, I bought a lot of jewelry from this guy.

Both of these next two necklaces are completely bendable.  I like them because they can be twisted into tons of different shapes and forms!

The flowers in my hair came from Marie Antoinette's hamlet at Versailles.

More (plus some Anthro) behind the cut)...

Florence Leather:

Perhaps I was just missing my Kate Spade blue ostrich bag when I bought this one, but I love it nonetheless.  It came with me to LA/Vegas!  I think it's supposed to be a fake Hermes.  I usually don't like fake bags, but I don't think this one is so identical to the original that I will feel self-conscious wearing it.  Time will tell.

Miscellaneous Florentine goods:

Sweater-like thing.

Mail holder!

(here's what it looks like in use)

Purchased in Sienna:

Bathing suit with crazy cut-outs!  Naturally I had to pose with matching flowers along the Cinque Terre hike.

(different view of the cut-outs)

Remember my bug problem?  Now this tile is hanging on my front doorframe!

These boots were a HUGE splurge, but I just fell in love with them.  Impulse buy, yes, but they are warm and lined so hopefully they get some use!

Close-up of the boots.

Murano Glass Jew-ery in Venice:


This wine stopper says "L'chaim" ("to life") in Hebrew.  It's traditional to cheer "L'chaim!" as you clink your glasses together before you drink.


I bought some macaroons and saved the box!  (Herme macaroons were much better)

Six coasters with vintage french ads.

Cool vintage-y poster illustrating the steps involved in tasting wine.

And, of course, I bought some Anthro online once my beloved Gathering Tank finally went on sale:

The Gathering Tank, $30 here.
The gathering tank (emerald green IRL).  I ordered a size medium, one up from my normal size small.  See full review here.

Printed Boy Tee, Size Medium, $20 here.

I'm not crazy about the high neck, but I love the colors and need more simple tees.  This is a size medium, one up from my usual small, and it's still quite clingy.  Go up two sizes if you want it loose-fitting.

Steer the Helm Skirt, size 6, $20 here.

I can't resist the $20 skirt!  A nice standard blue skirt is needed in my wardrobe, since I decided to sell my bit-too-small button parade skirt and woman-in-charge skirt.  My true size 6 fits comfortably.

Milk Bottle Measuring Cups, $24 here.
I needed a full-priced item to get free shipping at, and I've been eying these cute measuring cups for a while.  A sign?  I think so.

And check out the cute lining! 

Wallpaper juicer, $24 here.
Two full-priced kitchen gadgets can't hurt, really.

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