Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Los Angeleno OOTD

Almost as quickly as we got to LA, it seems we are leaving.  We had a wonderful time in LA watching my college roommate get married in an AMAZING ceremony, reuniting with friends, and sightseeing.  On our list was the Griffith Observatory, the Grammy Museum, the Hollywood Walk of Fame/Graumann Theater, and some of the area casinos for poker (We visited Commerce and Hustler.  Amazingly, I preferred Hustler, which was---dare I say it?---classier than Commerce).

Naturally, I had to visit at least one area Anthro (thanks to Gina for your great suggestions---I serendipitously found the Santa Monica location).  I'll post my sale haul after stopping by the Las Vegas Anthro in a few days (also perhaps the J.Crew outlet and the Kate Spade outlet...).  Is it just me, or have Anthro's sales been quite resistible lately?

One of the more Hollywood-y activities on our calendar was a trip to Sony Studios to watch a taping of Rules of Engagement.  I am very behind on network TV since I went without television throughout law school (as in, I had a TV but it didn't receive any channels), and I'd never seen an episode of this show before.  Still, I was excited to see David Spade and Patrick Warburton, both of whom I think are very talented.

Image from tvblanket

Neither man disappointed and had us cracking up into the microphones that were recording our laughter.  I was also very impressed with Oliver Hudson (Kate Hudson's brother) who had great timing and knew how to contort his face to make it less look-at-me-I'm-attractive and more look-at-me-I'm-doing-something-hilarious.

As an added bonus, Wendi McLendon-Covey of Bridesmaids fame has a role in the series.  She was stellar!  Many of you don't know that I performed in both improv and sketch comedy in college (and my sketch comedy group was all women) so Bridesmaids had been particularly inspirational to me as a great example of women defying stereotypes in comedy.  It was a treat to watch Wendi perform; she didn't have much space to shine in Bridesmaids because of the fantastic performances of the other women in the cast who had bigger roles.  It was a pleasure to watch her do her thing on this show.

The former performer in me most enjoyed watching the cast make very small adjustments in their performances and line delivery as the scenes were repeated once or twice.  Teeny tiny changes in facial expression or tone made a huge impact on the overall flow of the scene.

Anyway, I snapped some outfit shots while standing in line in the studio parking lot.

This prompted some snarky comments from the college-aged boys in front of me in line, who were on vacation with their parents and strike me as the type who are experimenting with standup comedy.  After some good-natured ribbing about the scenic backdrop of my photos, I finally explained that I was taking pictures for my blog.  College-aged boy #1 mentioned that he found blogging to be boring, and had to start one for class but didn't like it.  I pulled out a bit of snark (deserved, I think?) and told him sweetly that he struck me as the type who wouldn't like blogging.  Well, he had a tumblr, he said.  I responded, "Oh, so you're just ADD."

Sigh.  This town.
In this Outfit:
J. Crew Factory Silk Pocket Tank (4) (here)
J.Crew Jackie Cardigan in Wild Mushroom (M) (here and here)
Anthropologie Runny Yoke Skirt (6)
Anthropologie Pacific Shimmer Earrings
Urban Outfitters Globe Watch Pendant
Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt (L)
Leather Purse from Florence Market
Tie Bracelet from Pull my Daisy boutique in Silverlake, CA (PS: I'm totally gonna try to make some of these at home!)
Reaction by Kenneth Cole shoes

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