Monday, August 1, 2011

A Back-to-School GIVEAWAY!

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while know that I enjoy spending money (see here).  You may not know that this penchant evolved long before I had any form of job security that would justify such behaviors.  I never spent beyond my means, but I have always enjoyed the thrill of the shopping hunt---stalking products and deals and pouncing when the time and price are right.

Behind the coffee counter at my first job in my senior year of high school, illustrating the above point.

College was for me, as I'm sure it is for many, a particularly challenging time to manage my money.  Most of my income came from my parents or student loans, and most of THAT was eaten up by school expenses and inordinate textbook costs.  In order to earn money to spend on fun things, I resorted to drastic measures:

Medical experiments.

Make no mistake, I'm not talking about those pansy psych experiments that only involved a few questionnaires or a vision test or a frank discussion about your feelings while incense burned in the background.  No no.  These were full-on invasive, body-scanning, IV-inserting, overnight-hospital-stay-requiring medical experiments.  The more needles were involved, the more I got paid.

My unique blood sugar level placed me in a category of individuals that a few doctors were interested in studying to determine susceptibility to diabetes.  I made over $1000 in the year and a half that I participated in these experiments.  I stayed overnight in the hospital four times, took as many blood glucose tolerance tests, and got a full-body bone-density scan (the copy is still on my fridge!).

My skeleton!  The first and only naked picture of me on the internet!

But you know what would have been a lot easier?

This company lets you rent all of those incredibly expensive, $100+ textbooks and casebooks, generally for less than half the price of buying the books (and even up to 90% off).  The best part, besides free shipping both ways, is that it's okay to highlight in the books when you use them!  It makes me a little sick to think about the amount of money that I dropped on expensive law school casebooks, only to sell them back to the bookstore in a few months for 25% of their original value.  Not to mention the fact that Campus Book Rentals donates a portion of their proceeds to Operation Smile.

It's now officially August and we're staring back-to-school time in the face.  For those of you going back to school (or who know somebody who is in school), is offering a generous giveaway to SJGL readers (that's you)!

One randomly-selected winner will receive a $50 gift code to spend on!

Here's how you enter:

1.  Become a public follower of this blog.
2.  Leave a comment saying that you are a public follower, and telling me the craziest thing you've ever done to earn extra money
3.  For an extra entry, "like" Campus Book Rentals on Facebook (there's a link in the top right corner of their homepage) AND leave a SEPARATE comment indicating that you've done so.

That's it!

Enter by 11:59pm on August 9th.  I will announce a winner on August 10th!

As if things couldn't get any better, the kind folks over at Campus Book Rentals have also offered a special 10% off discount code for the first ten SJGL readers to use it!  I'll reveal the code when I announce the giveaway winner.

Good luck!

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