Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Use it or Lose it OOTD: Forever 21 Pleated Dotted Swiss Skirt

Hooray, the Use It or Lose It Challenge has officially begun!  (If you missed the introduction to my new challenge, "Use it or Lose It," click here to read the background, and click here for information on linking up!)  As a reminder, the object of the challenge is to identify a few summer-appropriate skirts in your wardrobe that have been underused and to challenge yourself to wear them at some point in the next month---the challenge ends on August 18.  That's it, easy as clicking the "Submit" button on Anthro sale day pie.  Look like fun?  You can join in at any time, but the sooner the better!

Re: summer-appropriateness, several of you aptly pointed out that one of my skirts was quite heavy and may be too warm to wear in the summer.  I reassessed my original collection and removed three of the heavier wool and corduroy skirts (this, this, and this) and replaced them with a mini skirt that has been languishing away in my closet, along with two beautiful cotton pencil skirts that have not gotten the amount of wear they should have, considering how madly I am in love with them.  Here's the updated set of summer skirts that I will be "using or losing" this month:

Use It Or Lose It
The first item on my agenda:  The Forever 21 Pleated Dotted Swiss Skirt.

Forever21 skirt

This skirt has been sitting, new with tags, in a drawer for the last three months.  It combines two of my worst psychological wardrobe stumbling blocks:  Forever 21 and white/light bottoms (see, e.g., here and here).  I don't know what my issue is with either.

Forever 21.  I kick myself softly every time I see Kim from Anthroholic wearing something gorgeous from Forever 21 (like this or this or this) because I feel almost as though we are shopping in different stores.  Whenever I walk into Forever 21, I'm blinded by preteenie styles and cheap fabrics.  I often walk out overwhelmed without even trying anything on.  I can't order from the website, either, since I have no sense for quality or style online.  I KNOW there's good stuff in that store, but I just can't seem to find it.

Light bottoms.  For some reason, every time I try to wear a light bottom I struggle with the type of top to wear.  I'm not sure why this happens; I think it's a recurring cycle---I don't wear light bottoms since I don't know what to wear with them, and then I don't get practice styling them so I drift towards different bottoms when it's time to get dressed.

This skirt seemed promising when I first bought it, but given my double blocks it's not surprising it took a little force to finally tear off those tags.  I opted for one of my magical shirts to wear with it, since I feel confident that this shirt will go with pretty much anything, and it makes me happy enough to compensate for my lack of confidence with light bottoms.

I like the result, though.  This skirt is full but not suffocating, it's a flattering shape, and it's stretchy enough to be comfortable for all-day wear.  The skirt is actually off-white/antique lace, which I think makes it a bit more versatile.  Or perhaps that's just my mental block coming back---it's less light, so it's more versatile.

Sigh.  Some things never change.

My beautiful new necklace from Miss November Studios!  (Thanks to Carol at In Pursuit of Pretty Things for a heads-up on Sandra's 20% off promo)

In this Outfit:
Anthro Blazing Blouse (buy here)
Forever 21 Pleated Dotted Swiss Skirt (M)
Anthro Lace Lovers Booties by Farryl Robin (9) (Confession:  I took these off after about twenty minutes and replaced them with flip-flops.  It's too hot for socks!)
Earrings via Etsy (defunct seller)
Circus Elephant Necklace from Miss November Studio (buy here on Etsy)
Fossil Watch (similar here)

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