Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sale Haul: A Budget and a Sour Taste

My sale haul for the last two weeks, believe it or not, consists of only one item.  I've been trying to stick to a very slim, sad budget this summer, but more importantly I've felt dedicated to the prospect of keeping my closet from becoming overstuffed.  (Look for a blog sale coming up soon!)  This requires nipping the problem in the bud on the "buying" end by thinking more carefully about the pieces I truly need and love versus the pieces that are simply priced well.

It also helps that I avoided going into any Anthros for the last two weeks...

Anyway, here's the one item I bought:

Kate Spade handbag

Yes, it's the bag I was pining for here that was sold out...fabulous reader Usha emailed me to alert me that a few had popped back into stock!

I have to say, I was furious with Kate Spade after buying this.* (EDIT:  resolved---see update below.)  First, they introduced new sale items.  A few days later, they ran a 20% off promotion (which included sale items).  Then THE NEXT DAY, they ran a 25% off sale items promotion!

What gives, Kate Spade?  Now, I understand why a company wouldn't want to give people credits or price adjustments whenever it has a special promotion---even Anthro, whose price adjustment policy is the best around, doesn't consistently give adjustments during promotional events---but to time your promotions this way seems shady to me.  It smacks of milking as much money from your customers as possible, which is really unnecessary for a high-end brand like Kate Spade.  The mere act of buying a Kate Spade product is milking enough.

All this to say, when my purse arrived I was not particularly happy to see it.  It didn't last long enough on the website for me to have gotten 25% off, but it was still in stock during the 20% off day, and I keep looking at it and seeing the Anthro item I could have purchased with my nonexistent savings.  I also see the Kate Spade CEO cackling and rubbing her hands together that they suckered a new one.

It's hard for me to appreciate this purse right now.  I keep seeing its flaws because I'm so mad at Kate Spade.  I WAS going to buy this wallet too, but since I really dislike the way they ran this 25% off promotion I've resolved to buy my Kate Spade Green Wallet on eBay.  Am I the only one that holds a grudge or punishes companies this way?

Objectively now, do you like it?  Should I keep it?

(Note the glass of wine to trap gnats!  Thanks for the awesome suggestion, Susan!)

On the plus side, it's big and spacious.  It's a great color that I don't already have.  On the downside, it is truly a handbag---there is ZERO versatility when it comes to getting this guy further up my arm than my elbow.  And now that I finally have my blue bag, I'm not really sure what I should wear it with!  Perhaps I'm still too obsessed with my perfect summer bag to even cast eyes on another.

Bear in mind that this bag was final sale, so selling it will involve eBay and an uncertain recovery of the purchase price.

* EDIT/UPDATE:  After hearing from both Tien and Anjali that Kate Spade usually does honor price adjustments for promotions, I decided to call customer service again.  I told them that I'd already been told that the discount would not be honored, but that several friends (that's what I call you online buddies!) were given adjustments for the same sale.  The representative on the phone told me that the first person I spoke to had given me wrong information and that they would credit back 25% of the purchase price to my credit card.  

Hooray!  Sour taste removed!  Once again, you wonderful readers give me more money to go shopping with.  Thank you, Tien and Anjali!

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