Thursday, July 28, 2011

OOTD: I bet you're not getting a cookie.

The bar exam is over!!

All of my celebrating last night precluded any new OOTD photos, but I present one for you from two weekends ago.  You may actually remember my teasing this outfit in my Sale Haul post last week.  In explaining my purchase of the Take Two shirt, which looks somewhat shapeless at first glance, I said:

"You may not be sold on it yet, but you will see an OOTD with it soon (with different bottoms) and if you are not won over I will buy you a cookie next time I see you. You will either eat your words or you will eat a cookie. It's a win-win."

Well, not to be an Arrogant Annie, but I'm gonna go ahead and guess that I will not need to buy too many cookies.

You want to be contrarian?  Be my guest.  Plenty of cookies to go around!  I still loved the way this turned out.

In this Outfit:
Anthropologie Take Two Shirt (S) (check here for popbacks - runs big.  You could size down.)
Anthropologie Breezy Paperbag Shorts (6)
J.Crew Painted Denim Belt (M)
Target Xhileration Flats (circa 2007) (9)
Anthropologie Triphasic Earrings (here) (thanks to Molly for the recommendation!)
Anthropologie Party Animal Necklace
Anthropologie Change Your Spots Clutch
Kate Spade Crystal Confection Ring (gifted)
Fossil Watch

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