Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Weekend in OOTDs

Happy Tuesday, folks!  How was your July 4th weekend?  Did you do anything exciting?  My long weekend was packed to the gills---so much so that I forgot half of what I did!  It was only after looking over my outfit photos from the weekend that I was able to piece things together.  (I swear it was the action and not any of my recreational activities that caused this forgetfulness!)

Friday:  "Batch & Batch" in Columbia Heights

My adopted friends Emily and Alex got married this Sunday, and they decided to have their bachelor and bachelorette parties simultaneously in the form of a house party with pinatas and karaoke.  (I call them my "adopted" friends since they are BF's friends first; we became friends through him, so I feel like he gets first claim to their friendship, if that makes any sense?)  

Anyway, the party was great fun.  I jazzed up one of my Anthro chemises that, I kid you not, I wore for two and a half straight days (as in, day-->sleep-->day-->febreeze+dryer-->batch&batch-->sleep-->day).  This is often what is happening to me when you don't see an OOTD from me for a few days.
In this Outfit:
Anthro Camera Obscura Chemise (M) (also worn here and here)
Anthro Party Animal Necklace
Anthro Hairclip
J.Crew Belt
Anthro Pave Posts (here)
Nine West Kazan Loafers (9) (one pair left, here, for $32)

Saturday:  Whiskey and Falafel

Along with my friend Jess and her posse, BF, his roommate Gary Busey*, and I checked out Jack Rose, a "Dining Saloon" that recently opened in Adams Morgan.  I failed to take pictures, but the space was pretty neat.  We stayed downstairs and avoided the crowd, admiring the walls stocked with bottles of whiskey.  My favorite feature was a sliding wall ladder (a la the Beauty and the Beast library) that the bartenders used to reach the highest bottles.

We ended the night, as we are wont to do whenever we go to Adams Morgan, at Amsterdam Falafel where I over-utilized the toppings bar and stuffed my pita to the point of disintegration.  Delicious, delicious disintegration.

* Not his real name.
In this Outfit:
Anthro Basic Shirt
Gap Square Print Pleated Skirt
Anthro Banded Together Belt (L)
Heart Necklace (from Brazil, gifted by BF) (I always think of this line from The Office when I wear this)
Longer Necklace from Express (gifted by sister)
Earrings via Etsy (defunct seller)
Nine West Kazan Loafers (one pair left, here, for $32)
Fossil Watch (similar here)

Sunday:  Wedding!

You will hear more about some of the ridiculous drama leading up to Emily and Alex's wedding later this week, but for now I'll just tell you that the evening was beautiful!  They got married in a beautiful rotunda at the Carnegie Institute and everything seemed to go off without a hitch.  Alex's brother runs an awesome D.C. company called Pleasant Pops, so he arranged for the Pleasant Pops cart to appear at dessert time.  I tried the "Sweet Cream 'n Corn" flavor and it was delicious!  (View all of their crazy in-season, locally-sourced flavors here.)  (D.C. folks:  Pleasant Pops has a food truck that you can stalk on Twitter!)

Wedding Shimmers
In this Outfit:
Anthro Verdant Slip Dress (6) (backordered here) (also worn here)
Nine West Gaynor Pumps in Pink Suede (on sale here)
Anthro After the Rain Earrings
Forever 21 Ornate Charm Necklace (circa last year)
Coach Large Flap Wristlet (dune color)

Monday:  Stars and Stripes Forever

July Fourth found me in the kitchen for several hours, successfully attempting to make six dozen of these delicious margarita cupcakes to pay my way into two different barbecues.  I have not yet invested in a KitchenAid Stand Mixer (I can't pick a color!) and as a result my entire kitchen is still covered in a thin layer of butter and sugar despite several attempts to clean up after myself (creaming together butter and sugar with a hand mixer can get messy...)

Going to two barbecues on opposite sides of town had the nice side effect of allowing me to work in a bit of exercise in the middle of the day, since I opted to ride my bike from one to the other.  I definitely needed the workout; I ate 3.5 of my own cupcakes, not to mention many delicious grilled meats at BF's BBQ.

When it was time to watch fireworks, the motley gang of us remaining at BF's place (around the corner from my place, a few blocks from the Capitol) walked towards the Washington Monument to get a good view of the national fireworks display.  We weren't sure how far we would make it before the fireworks started; I just hoped we'd be in a decent viewing location when it was time.  As luck would have it, we found ourselves watching the fireworks smack in the middle of Constitution Avenue, where traffic was at a complete standstill.  We had an absolutely perfect, close-up view of the display through a clearing in the trees on the mall.  The eastbound side of the street was completely devoid of cars, so we laid our blanket down in the middle of the road and watched open-mouthed as the bombs bursted in air.
July 4 Stripes
In this Outfit:
Anthro Lining-the-Field Scoopneck (S) (here) (also worn here and here)
Anthro Breezy Paperbag Shorts (6 - TTS, although these stretch out a bit during the day so if you're between sizes, size down) (here)
Anthro Bassotto Necklace
Anthro Pave Posts (here)
Vibram Five Fingers Bikila Running Shoes (here)
Coach Sabrina Satchel in Cinnamon

I hope you had a safe and exciting Fourth!  Tell me all about it in the comments...

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