Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Introducing: Use it or Lose It

While culling my closet to chose items for my blog sale, I came across armfuls of clothes that I haven't worn in ages, but that I still found myself reluctant to sell.  Some of these items I'd worn once, others not at all.

Perhaps my reluctance to sell these items stemmed from the fact that I like them, or that I like the store I bought them from, or that I never attempted to style them, or that I just lost them in my closet or didn't prioritize them or whatever other reason I chose to wear other skirts instead of these.

Inspired by a combination of Kendi's popular 30 for 30 Challenge and Mich's Negative 30 for 30 Challenge, I came up with something I'm calling:

Use it or Lose it.

This challenge is meant to be a figurative gun-to-the-head.  I will go through my unused or underused clothing items and find a way either to integrate them into my wardrobe or I will acknowledge that they are not really my style and it's time to part with them in another blog sale.  I've got 30 days to use them or lose them.

So, let's begin the closet culling!  Starting with skirts.  Here are the skirts I've identified as underused:

Use It Or Lose It
1.  J.Crew Horizon Stripe Mini (never worn)
2.  Adrienne Vittadini Scalloped Skirt (never worn on blog)
3.  Anthro Finishing School Skirt (worn here and here)
4.  Leifsdottir Picados Skirt (worn here)
5.  Forever 21 Pleated Dotted Swiss Skirt (never worn)
6.  Gap Pleated Bow Skirt (worn, tragically, on Lisa's blog here)
7.  Anthro Green Mountains Skirt (worn here)
8.  Made to Measure Skirt (never worn on the blog)

To the extent that I just tend to lose these items in my closet, I've come up with a way of easily identifying/prioritizing them:

Green marker on the hangers = USE IT OR LOSE IT!

So, here we go!  Let's see how many of these I can knock out before my three-week Eurotrip!  (more on that later.)

To sum up:  the guidelines are:

  • Pick out some underutilized skirts
  • Try to wear them within the next 30 days
  • Reassess whether they stay or go  

I'm starting with skirts this round, but we'll hit the other clothing areas in due course!

Want to join in?  Feel free---just let me know in the comments so I can link to you (and your subsequent blog sale, if you need one).

[Edit: For more details about joining, click here! The challenge is on!]

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