Monday, July 11, 2011

Fitting Room Reviews: Sale Miscellany + NY leftovers

This weekend featured an overdose of retail therapy to assuage some of the stress of studying for the bar exam.  "Splurge" isn't quite the right word for my shopping this weekend, except for the fact that it kind of sounds like the word "splooge," which is sort of what I feel I did with my money.

Ah well.  I'll show you the purchases soon in a sale haul and perhaps you can help me prioritize.  Until then, here are a few reviews of some items I DIDN'T take out of the store:

Krummau Cardigan, $50 here

This cardigan didn't jump out at me online AT ALL, but in the store its cute metropolitan pattern leaped out at me:

This cardigan runs big.  I usually take a medium in cardis (although a small in shirts), and I needed a small in this cardigan.  I liked that the shape is a bit oversized and long, and as I mentioned the color and pattern were just darling.

I don't need another cardigan (especially one that would be as difficult to pair with a patterned shirt/skirt/dress as this one), but it's very cute.  If you're on the fence and think you'd get wear out of it, go for it.

Sun-Stitched Skirt, $70 here

The stitching details are cute, the color is a nice neutral khaki, and the shape is full but not unflattering.  I tried on a size small here, but it was a bit snug; I'd size up if I were going to take the plunge.  For $70, this is a bit too rich for my blood, though.

Pinched Tunic, $30 here

This top, as a top, is pretty frumpy.  The neckline is not exactly feminine, and the pinch at the hip means it would be difficult to belt it.  On the plus side, the fabric is lushly soft and the piece is comfortable.  It's just slightly too short to wear as a dress, though, so its utility strikes me as pretty limited.  I almost bought this as a chemise to wear around the house, but ultimately decided against it.  I may still cave; it would make a comfy nightgown!

Dutch Yellow Shift, $40 here

Oh, this dress was just a hot mess.  Frustratingly, it photographs well from the front, but you can kind of see the disaster from the side:

I'm wearing my normal size six here.  Perhaps I should have tried sizing up, but I suspect the problems with this dress are in the cut and not in the sizing.  The buttons gaped in the chest, the fabric clung at the hips, and my belly stuck out like I'd just eaten a large meal.

On the plus side, the fabric was wonderfully soft and smooth and the colors---muted yellows and grays---are also quite appealing.  I would consider giving this dress another chance in a larger size, but not today.

Inherited Blooms Top, $60 here

This top first appeared on my radar after seeing it on the lovely Roxy here.  I love the colors and the mix of patterns.  The top is silk, and it feels like butter against the skin.  It's amazingly light and breezy.  A long-sleeve shirt that would be comfortable to wear in the summer?  Awesome!  Sign me up!

Unfortunately, for $60, I just can't justify this top until it gets a second cut.

Two things to bear in mind:  first, the arms are a bit tight on this shirt.  I sized up from my normal size four to a six and still felt the seams pull if I moved my arms to the front.

Also, it's pretty see-through.  I'm wearing a beige bra with tan leopard spots's not screamingly loud, but you can make out a bit of the pattern.  You may be able to rock the bra underneath anyway, but just FYI.

And while I'm on the subject of reviews, here are a few reviews I did in NYC back in early June with Stephanie's phone:

Whirligig Dress, $138 (here)

I had much higher expectations for the fit of this dress, given how awesome it looked on my friend Adrienne.  Unfortunately, this piece just did not fit me properly at all.  It's comfortable and a great color, but something bad is happening at the bodice that is causing small children to look away in abject horror.  I don't think this dress is doing my waist and hips any favors either, and the length feels an inch or two too long.

The whole thing was just off for me.  I will not even be tempted by this one come sale time.  Wearing my normal size small.

Readymade Dress, $128 here

The first time I tried this dress on, I almost walked away with it.  Now, you know I rarely buy items full price.  In fact, I can count the number of my full-price clothing purchases on one finger.  So the fact that I was ready to take the plunge on this dress should have been a pretty strong endorsement.

Still, I don't know what happened, but I felt underwhelmed by it the second time I tried it on.  I like the fit---it's the kind of easy, comfortable piece that you'd be able to just throw on without thinking too much---but it kind of falls apart for me in the skirt area:

This chambray fabric/color/texture feels a little bit like the little girl skirts I used to wear to preschool and less like the skirt of a dress that costs over $100.  Perhaps what I like most about this dress is the silhouette and the striped top.  If that's the case, it's cheaper to buy a versatile striped top and let my existing skirts do some more work.  

Then again, looking at that close-up shot, I can't for the life of me understand why I felt that way, since the fabric/color/texture seems perfectly nice from this view.  I'll take another look at it come sale time.  The fit of the dress felt a bit off (in my normal size six); it almost seemed more flattering in the four I tried on a few weeks before.  This dress definitely needs a third look.

Horkelia Shift, $178 here

Wow, what a disaster!  My hopes---dashed!  Was the problem that my normal size six was too big?  Or was the problem that this dress is a shapeless shift?  The world may never know...until I go back and size down to a four.

I loved the color of this dress (you know I'm a sucker for orange), and the lace is lovely---

---but in person it was too lifeless for the color to carry the piece on its own.  The lining crinkled underneath the lace.  Not to mention, I felt like I was wearing something from F21 or Modcloth given how much this dress rode up if I lifted my arms:

Affirmatively a pass.  (note:  I almost typed "affirmatively a ass," which would have been true in many ways, except grammatically.)

What are you hoping will go on sale tomorrow?  My budget needs a break, but I'd love some second cuts on some of the things I bought this week (seemingly quite unlikely, since several of them are new).

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