Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Fake Mullany Marks its Territory (EBEW - Nifty Thrifty)

It's Thrift Day over at Everybody Everwhere!  I missed the regularly scheduled "Yellow" day earlier this month because I was probably doing something very important, like online shopping or procrastinating on studying for the bar exam.

Not this time, though!  This time I have taken a break from online shopping and bar exam procrastination to actually put on clothes---unless you count the chemise I've been wearing for the last two days in a row as clothes, in which case I have TOTALLY been putting on clothes.

As I reflected on my thrifted wardrobe pieces, I almost settled on the most glamorous thrifted piece I own---this See by Chloe Silk Print Dress (retail: $580.  thrifted:  $18.  worn here.), but ultimately I opted for a bit more of a challenge---I've already worn the SBC dress (albeit only twice in almost seven months).  I couldn't help but reach for a poor neglected dress that has yet to see the light of day.  She's the Little Orphan Annie of my closet, except in her version of the story, Daddy Warbucks was a totally hands-off dad who left Annie to watch TV by herself every night until she cried herself to sleep with bitter tears of upper-class social isolation:

I bought this dress back in May at a Goodwill in NYC.  At the time I was thrilled to snatch it up, since it reminded me of a popular Anthropologie dress I'd missed out on:

(skinny black belt added to the thrifted dress)

Despite my initial excitement over the find (and the fact that I kind of steamrolled over my sister wrenched it from my sister's hands kindly and unselfishly talked my sister out of buying it so I could have it), this poor dress has just languished in my closet since its purchase.  I recently acquired the original Anthropologie Mullany Dress, and even though it may end up being too big for me I want to make sure this lovely white dress can stand on its own two feet before I bring its rival into my midst.

The strength of The Fake Mullany (TFM) is that it is more versatile when it comes to accent colors.  While the real Mullany has (adorable) black polka dots to contend with while accessorizing, this dress is literally a blank palette.

It's whiteness was intimidating at first, but once I added this cute blue flower pin---also thrifted---the white seemed less overwhelming.

"What're you doing down there, pin?"  I'm slowly getting over my wariness of pins as a class of accessories.  (See also, here)

In this Outfit:
Pleated White Dress (The Fake Mullany) by Minimal (thrifted) (similar here, and here for 60% off)
Blue Flower Pin (thrifted)
Nine West Pumps (Buffalo Exchange, Philadelphia) (similar here, here, here, and here)
J.Crew Tie Belt, circa 2004
Anthropologie Triphasic Earrings ($20 here)
Coach Leather Sabrina in Cinnamon (similar here)

EBEW: Thrift

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