Friday, June 24, 2011

Sale Haul -- Making up for Lost Time

Between the chaos of moving and not having internet for over a week, I've been negligent in publishing my most recent sale hauls.  Here's the combined three-week total:

Sale Haul - Backlogged
If you've been around for a while, you should be may be surprised at how LITTLE damage I managed to do in nearly a month.  Not to mention I'm returning (or have already returned) almost half of the stuff from the above set:


Let me assure you, if I could post my sale haul from the last few weeks, you would recognize my shopping habits.  (I need stuff for the apartment!)

Regardless, lots of photos and mini-reviews (plus, I need your advice on the "maybes"!) after the jump.

The Returns:

Goldfish bowl skirt ($38 with the 25% off tag sale, but now this skirt costs $20 in stores, still $50 online here).

I am usually a size six in We Love Vera, but had to go all the way up to a ten to get a comfortable fit in this skirt.  That said, I thought it was adorable.  It's light and airy enough for summer, but I can see this getting use all year round.  It's lined.  It has pockets.  It has a cute print on it.  What else do I need?

I don't know...I think this skirt is really pretty, but I came to the conclusion that it's just not really my style.  I returned this skirt before I realized that it had been marked down to $20 in stores this week.  I almost went back to the store the next day to hunt it down, but then decided to let it go for good.  It's a lovely skirt, great color, cute print, it's just not for me.  My closet has limited space and...well...there are other fish in the sea skirts in the store.

Strawberry Jam Espadrilles, $60 ($40 with the 25% off)

Too big.  I ordered a size 41 even though I'm usually a size 9.  That said, I didn't like these shoes very much anyway.  Some user reviews indicated that the materials felt cheap, and I agree.  The fabric felt thin and almost plastic-y, and the heel felt like it would snap in half if I stepped strangely.

Amplified Stripes Blouse ($50, $38 with 25% off)

I took this in a size four.  (See here to see it on me in orange.)  I thought I loved the shirt, but it languished in my closet for a few weeks before I realized that I didn't want it.  It's somewhat see through, and the last thing I want to wear in the heat of DC summers is an underlayer.

Lush Amalgam Tank ($40, $30 with 25% off)

Meh.  I wasn't crazy about the front layer.  The sheer material was not a team player; the rest of the shirt seemed to want to play nicely but the sheer lushy flap was determined to ruin things for everyone by floating in the breeze.   (PS:  size down.  I took an XS.)

Light as Air Pullover $30 (now $20 here)

Thin and clingy in the bad way, I thought, even though it looks pretty decent in this photo.  I took a size M, my usual for sweaters.

Shaded Rays Wrap, $50

Another one that just wasn't my style, even though Thirteen has knocked this one out of the park on many occasions (see, e.g., here).

The Keeps:


Drawing Parallels Skirt, $40 ($30 with the 25% off)

(This outfit was totally stolen from my friend Adrienne.  Incidentally, this shirt is the EASIEST SHIRT IN HISTORY.  It goes with everything and looks great, even if you're having a weird body day.)

I've been lusting after this skirt for ages!  I even bought it full price, only to return it a month or two later with 70 emerald green skirts still in stock in my size, determined to wait for sale.  Much to my shock, the emerald color sold out on what seemed like the day before the sale.  Fortunately, I managed to find one in D.C. and this skirt is finally mine for good.  Wearing my normal size small.

(Curiously, I seem to be having trouble wearing it.  The color goes with everything, but the drawstring waist is throwing me off.  I may need your help with this one in the not-so-distant future.)

Draped Denim Dress, $40

I was captivated by the ease of this's got the simplicity and comfort of a romper or chemise but is substantial enough to be a dress.  If you'd asked me before trying this on whether I ever thought I'd be a fan of stonewashed denim dresses, I'd have wet my pants with laughter.  But this, as I've proven time and time again, is why you DON'T try things on at Anthro "just out of curiosity."  Oh Anthro, why do you smite me so?  FYI, I sized down to an XS.

Blazing Blouse, $50 here

Gawd, I love this shirt.  It's been on my wish list for many, many months.  I am a sucker for orange, but this floral pattern really sets it apart in my opinion.  I like this shirt since I think it will be a universal top, going with nearly every bottom in my wardrobe.  $50 is a bit insane for a top, but seeing as how I need more shirts that I can throw on when I'm having one of those "NONE OF MY SHIRTS ARE WORKING RIGHT NOW" days, I decided to bite the bullet.  I usually take a 4 in shirts, but had to go up to a 6 in this one since the arms were a bit small.

Mirror Image Belt ($30, but got a price adjustment to $10!) and J.Crew Collins Leather Platform Pumps ($100 here, but $60 in store---$75 sale + accidental 15% discount)

This belt is a frigging rockstar.  BAM HIPS!  Enough said.  (FYI:  It's a size S/M and barely fits)

And if you've been around this blog at all for the last two weeks, you know that these shoes have been earning their keep.  On one of my last days in NYC, I met up with my friend Stephanie (you know her as Bar Chic) and after visiting the Rock Center Anthropologie, Stephanie trotted me over to the J.Crew across the street.  I meandered to the shoe section and made the mistake of trying these on; I was instantly in love.  Stephanie did a great job of talking me into the impulse buy, and even told me about a 15% student discount that I was able to score at the register (incidentally, when Stephanie stepped up to the cashier next to mine, her cashier told her that the 15% was just for regularly priced items.  My cashier got an embarrassed look on her face as she realized her mistake, but since she already rang me up we just went with it :-D  Way to take one for the team, Steph!)

So yeah, these shoes.  They go with everything, make everything look awesome, and are comfortable enough to wear for five days in a row.  How did you do it, J.Crew?  I suspect foul play is involved.

Party Animal Necklace, $20

Look, you can try to tell me that this is gaudy or bizarre or too long or whatnot, but I love it and there's nothing you can do about it!  This isn't even the weirdest Anthro necklace I own.  (this is, and I'm wearing it right now!  I call him Percy. You can also see him in the photo for the Blazing Blouse, above.)

I mean, seriously!!!  How cute is that?!

Bassotto Necklace, $20

This has been sold out for ages online, but one of the awesome things about my new town is that D.C. has an Anthropologie Accessories Store right next to a metro stop.  Where NYC frequently fell short (shoes and jewelry), this store specializes.  I'd given up on this necklace, but found five at the Accessories Store (on sale no less)!  I love the metal and the whimsical nature of the piece.  Until I can finally nut up and spend the money on one of Miss November Studio's beautiful metal pieces (whhhhyyyyy is the elephant on the ball so priceyyyyyyyy ahhhhhhhhh), this will satisfy my desires.

Pirouette Flats, $60

These shoes are just perfection.  Comfortable, neutral, flat, closed toe (read: will work in winter), go with everything, and are in a color I don't already have.  These were also sold out online, but I was saved once again by the Chevy Chase accessories store.  I took my normal size nine; the 8.5 was definitively too tight.

The Maybes (HALP!)

Goldfield Skirt, $40 ($30 with the 25% off)

Ahh, I just don't know about this one.  It looks SO stunning on others, but I'm just not sure it's for me.  I feel as though the poofing from the waist and belly is just a little out of control.    (I sized all the way up to a ten; it may be too loose at this point, but the eight wasn't particularly flattering.)  On the other hand, I love the length (I don't have any skirts this length) and the silk fabric is so pleasing to the touch.  Also, pockets.

Do I keep it?

Racing Red Sandals, $50 here

These would be an INSTANT keep (perfect replacement for the Strawberry Jam Espadrilles, returned above!  casual summer shoes when the J.Crew Platforms would be a little too vavavoom...), except I'm not totally sure they will be comfy.  Some of the online reviews mention the straps cutting into your feet, I wearing them around at home I think I can tell the parts of my foot that may be experiencing some rubbing.  Perhaps they just need some breaking in?  CAN these be broken in?  FYI, they are TTS.

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