Monday, June 27, 2011

OOTD: Summer Lovin' Layerin'

It's funny---I spent months looking forward to the end of winter so I could finally whip out my warm-weather clothes...but now I find myself staring somewhat wistfully at my cardigans and light long sleeve shirts.

What gives, brain?  Get out there and just enjoy this warm weather!  (On second thought, brain, why don't you just enjoy the warm weather from right where you are, inside my skull.  Don't get out of there, please.)

Regardless, I thought maybe this lacey long sleeve dealio would be cool/airy enough to take me through the evening, but after a few hours I got too hot and stripped down to my underlayer:
The photo on the left was taken a few hours later, when I got home and began trying on my sale acquisitions (the flats and the bassotto necklace).

My favorite thing about this outfit is the way the neon pink pops underneath the lacey top.  You can't make it out very well in the full outfit shot, but you can see it in this close up:

How are you all transitioning from cold to warm weather?  I had a few weeks where I think I was dressing very awkwardly as I tried to adapt my developing style to the developing whether.  I think I've got a handle on things now, though.  Perhaps.

In this Outfit:
Anthro Lacey Top (name?)
J.Crew Outlet Tanktop
Anthro Draped Jungle Skirt (6)
Anthro Open Spaces Wedges (40)
Anthro Bauble Bunch Necklace
Anthro Bright Bulbs Posts

PS:  I totally forgot to mention that I bought these during my Sale Haul hiatus:


Long-desired, finally acquired!

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