Friday, June 17, 2011

OOTD: So, did this work?

I know this outfit is pretty weird.  But I kind of love it.

The Backstory:  I was working with limited means on a mini-vacation earlier this week; as often happens with BF, we ended up stretching our vacation for extra time (it's hard to go home sometimes, isn't it?) so I had to create an extra outfit out of my lightly-packed duffel bag.

In My Bag:
In my Suitcase

Packing for a friend's wedding and then several days at casinos.  Not surprisingly, the magic J.Crew shoes went with everything, and I could wear them for five days straight without any discomfort.

I like the pattern mixing in this outfit.  I think it works because the lack of color in the Southward Stop Shirtdress seems to minimize the clash between the outdoorsy pattern of the dress and the bright stripes of the shirt.  Added bonus: the Southward Stop can be a little pull-y in the chest (anyone wanna trade their size six for my size four?) so the shirt covers up that problem area.

Incidentally, I know I told you last week that these shoes are magic, but I think the shirt is magic, too.  It goes with everything and is so comfortable and somehow effortlessly sexy in that "I just rolled out of bed and ooooh, the ennui of it all" kind of way.

So, what do you think?  Does this outfit work or is it just too bizarre for you?

In this Outfit:
Anthro Lining-the-Field Scoopneck (S) (here)
Anthro Southward Stop Shirtdress (4, but need a 6)
J.Crew Collins Leather Platform Peeptoes (here)
J.Crew Necklace
Anthro Pearl Pave Posts (here) (um, these are also magic)

PS:  Thanks for being patient with my infrequent posts.  I STILL lack internet in my apartment, so it's pretty tough to get on a regular posting schedule.  The landlord is on it, so hopefully things will get sorted out soon.

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