Wednesday, June 29, 2011

OOTD: Back to Work

Although I've been hard at work studying for the bar exam this summer, I haven't sought out any meetings with Weight Watchers since moving down to D.C.  You may remember that I'm working as a receptionist for WW this summer to have a bit of extra shopping money.  I waited for a few weeks until getting settled in my new apartment before taking on any new jobs, but I felt ready this week and was able to work two meetings today.

Perhaps the idea of working for a paycheck drew me to the pinstripes in my closet.  This dress is a wee bit small on me, but I seem to be at the lower end of my normal weight range right now so it fits more comfortably than usual.

The scarf around my waist was inspired by that thatdamngreendress's suggestion (in the context of traveling) that a versatile scarf could be used as a belt.  This little reminder really helped with this outfit, I think.  I wanted to wear my big J.Crew flower pin, but it looked out of place on the dress by itself; the off-white patterned scarf helped tie it together, I think.

What say you?  I don't usually wear pins so I'm still feeling out the territory.

I have no idea how to contextualize this photo, but I thought it was cute so here ya go.

In this Outfit
Banana Republic Shirt (thrifted)
Anthro Fifth Form Shift (4)
Anthro Pacific Shimmer Earrings (here)
UO Globe Watch Pendant (here)
J.Crew Flower Pin
Anthro All That Remains Bobbies (these suck)
UO scarf circa 2007
Anthro Pirouette Flats (9)

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