Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inspiring Interpretations - J.Crew: Reader Submissions

Welcome back to Inspiring Interpretations! Our challenge in this activity is to draw inspiration from a photo by creating an outfit out of our own interpretation of the image. The only rule? If we already own the same piece of clothing used in the picture, we cannot use it. In doing this, we hope to develop our creativity by interpreting the inspiring images we see rather than simply rushing out to buy the exact same pieces depicted. Read more about the background of this feature here.

This round of Inspiring Interpretations featured an outfit pulled from one of last year's J.Crew catalog:

Since this outfit was pulled from a catalog, it came with no explanation behind the inspiration. This photo was a blank slate for your imagination!

Here's what you came up with:


I love J Crew catalogue stylings for the unusual combinations of texture and shape.  I was inspired to play with shades of taupe and cream, with lace, lattice details and a scalloped hem, and with a touch of orange at the waist instead of the lips!

Outfit details:
F21 Taupe slip dress
vintage lace blouse
scalloped hem slip
Gap belt
Clarks wedges

Bar Chic

I liked the different textures in the inspiration photo, so that's what I decided to play with.  I also loved the pop of coral lipstick, but don't think that shade looks good on me so I tried to incorporate coral into my outfit.  My skirt is Banana Republic, sweater is Ann Taylor Loft, shirt and belt are J Crew.  I didn't have a hat so I threw on this giant flower from Anthropologie and big Anthropologie earrings as finishing touches. I really love how this outfit turned out.  Thank you JewishGirl for the inspiration!


What jumped at me was the mix of textures, the neutral colour palette and splash of black. Oh and the hat as well. Unlike the outfit from the J.crew catalogue (which looks pretty funky), my interpretation leans more towards the ladylike side. I think I'm missing a coral-colored lip though...drats!

Top: Anthropologie Chilled Ripples Shell
Skirt: Anthropologie Darjeeling Skirt
Cardi: SES Australia
Stockings: Kmart Australia
Shoes: Kmart Australia
Cloche: Gregory Ladner @ Myer Australia


Captain Copycat!!  I just tried my best to copy the look, which I found tough since I don't have that cool hat! 

J.Crew sweater
black bandeau from Nordstrom
H&M skirt (2008)
Steve Madden shoes
Juicy Orange lipstick!! As a tomboy, I'm not used to wearing lipstick. Going from bare naked lips to orange lips is quite a jump, so I documented it on a piece of paper. Juicy!! LOL

Jewish Girl

So, here's a confession: I have a really hard time wearing light bottoms (see, e.g., here). Why? I dunno. I have no way to explain this block, but there you have it. Here's another confession: sometimes photos jump out at me because they promise salvation---some way to overcome my fallable sense of style and find everlasting happiness with my closet. 

The inspiration photo seemed to present a great method for wearing a light bottom: a top in a different shade of neutral and striking, contrasting accents.  I've got two light, oddly constructed bottoms that are giving me styling trouble; you've already seen one of them, and here's the other.  The idea of wearing a sweater in yesterday's humidity was absurd, so I wore a tee shirt that constantly exposes inappropriate cleavage and harnessed it to expose a totally appropriate black tanktop instead.  I've also been looking for an excuse to wear more hats, so this picture just did it for me all around. I wanted to channel the glam and the feminine strength.

Anthro Inverted Pathways Tee
Ann Taylor Antique Lace Tiered Skirt ($80 here)
Urban Outfitters Belt ($24 here)
Gap City Flats ($25 here)
Coriolis Cloche (with the blue scarf removed and a black SweatyBand stretched around it!)
Express black tank top
Fossil watch

PS: I realize there was some confusion about the deadline for submissions, since I mistakenly posted yesterday that it was being extended.  I edited yesterday's post relatively quickly, but if you were planning to submit a photo over the weekend, go ahead...I will update this entry!  Mea culpa!

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