Friday, May 13, 2011

Tag Sale Coming! Plus, Why It's Rational To Spend Money At Anthropologie (Part 2)

Ooooh, hooray hooray---Anthropologie's big semi-annual tag sale starts on Tuesday, May 17!  (See Roxy's blog for more details.)  The last Anthro tag sale, featuring an extra 25% off all sale items, was disastrous for my wallet but wonderful for my closet.  Assuming my closet has an unquenchable desire to grow and grow until it combusts.

Which it does.

True story:  my spare closet fell over last week.  Straight-out tipped.  Nothing broke, nothing bent, there were just so many clothes in it that it could no longer stand up straight.  I kid you not.

It has since been braced to the wall and is now back in action.

Anyway, the tag sale could feature another %-off promotion, or it might just involve lots and lots of new cuts.  Regardless, I thought that today would be the perfect day to share a story with you about a wonderful Anthropologie experience I had recently...

Why it's Rational to Spend Money at Anthropologie 
(Part 2)
(See Part 1 Here)

You may remember that I was painfully debating weather to keep the beautiful cardigan pictured above. (see here. Cliffsnotes: I loved it, but I paid $80 for it and found that figure hard to justify. I kept the tags on and only wore the cardigan for a few minutes to take these shots.) Well, along came my hero, blog reader Carmen, who emailed me a few days later to tell me that she found that same cardigan---in my size---for only $20!

Rationalization #1: Fellow Anthro fans are knowledgeable, kind, and go out of their way to be helpful (or shop vicariously---either way!).

I called the downtown Austin Anthro, where Carmen spotted the cardigan. The SA who answered the phone searched for over five minutes with no luck. After I inadvertently mentioned in my disappointment that it had been spotted at the store within the last half hour, this devoted SA went *back* onto the floor to check in the fitting rooms and look around one more time. When she still couldn't find it, I left my phone number in case it turned up.

My phone went dead shortly afterwards, but the next day I had a voicemail from the Austin store (left within an hour or so of our conversation). The SA had checked for the cardigan a THIRD time, this time asking the other sales associates if THEY'D seen it anywhere. She managed to find it this way and she put it on hold for me.

I ordered the cardigan over the phone that morning. It just arrived today with a lovely note gushing over the bargain I'd just gotten on the "amaaaazing cardigan!", thanking me for shopping at Anthro, and bidding me to enjoy the purchase. I was able to return my first $80 purchase (and put it on hold for another excited Anthro fan).

Rationalization #2: Anthropologie sales associates are often SUPER-helpful.

Rationalization #3: The charge-send system is an awesome way of tracking down difficult items (and helping stores clear random stuff out of their inventory. (sidenote: ALL stores should waive shipping for charge-sends, don't you think?)

Rationalization #4: The sales associates love sharing the joy of Anthro clothes (and bargains on Anthro clothes), and that excitement makes shopping at Anthropologie so much more fun.

So, as I'm on the verge of contributing my last few weeks of Weight Watchers paychecks to my local Anthropologies (plural), I am reminded of why I love this store and why I continue to support it. Of course I know that I can buy similar items for less money at discount stores. But in addition to the excellent quality of Anthropologie products, it's the price adjustment and return policies along with the excellent customer service, that keep me coming back to Anthropologie with 90% of my disposable income.

Ultimately, I love shopping at a store where I feel valued, and where the sales associates are just as happy to help me get a bargain as I am to get one. Every time I save money like this on an item, literally ALL of it goes right back to Anthropologie and then some; not only do I buy new items with the savings, but I gush about Anthro for weeks afterwards.

I'm curious to see where you all stand on your own personal shopping-discounting-returning policies! Do you continue bargain hunting even after you've bought an item? Do you take the tags off right away or wait to see if your feelings change? Do you overbuy knowing that you can always return things?

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