Monday, May 2, 2011

Slowly Going Crazy: Stress Shopping Sale Haul

I don't know what's wrong with me.  I am soooooo close to the end of law school---one final exam, WEDNESDAY---but I just CANNOT focus.  My mind is EVERYWHERE and I can't for the life of me force myself to just SIT. DOWN. and absorb the information I will need to know for the test.  I'm so overwhelmed with all the stuff I have in store AFTER I'm done---apartment hunting in DC, seeing my family at graduation, moving---not to mention the fact that I've got lots of fun posts coming up for the blog (including Outfit Triage Resuscitated and a new installment of Inspiring Interpretations).  I'm just overwhelmed with excitement and the only thing standing in my way of all of these things is my damn. final. exam.

Studying makes me feel like I'm living inside a Hyperbole and a Half cartoon.  (see, e.g., here and here, with full explanation here)  Also, please ignore the disaster area behind me.

I hunkered down all weekend and did my best to read through some materials (after shredding and making the best pancakes known to man---recipe later this week), but by this afternoon I found myself going slightly stir crazy and by 3pm I needed to GETOUTOFTHEDAMNAPARTMENT.  So I decided to take a walk... Urban Outfitters.  Because they opened one up a few blocks away from me this year, and I still haven't been.  And I'm about to move.  And that's tragic.  Also tragic that I can't put together a real sentence because my brain is addled with thoughts of cases and controversies that can come before an Article III court.  I'm not sure if it's clear in my tone, but mama's gone a little bit bonkers from all this studying.

Final Exam: DO NOT WANT.

I think I was pretty clear with myself when I walked through the door to UO that I was going to do a little bit of stress shopping.  I suppose that's bad, but I like the things I bought and I spent less than $100, so that must count for something, right?

It's been a while since I've done a proper "sale haul" post, mainly because I haven't had one big haul so much as a few purchases here and there over the last few weeks.  I'll do a full recap sale haul for you guys later in the week, once I figure out what I'm getting at Anthro to celebrate finishing law school!  I'm drooling over the Verdant Slip Dress and a fantastically casual, not-yet-online red white and blue dress (JULY 4 KITSCH FTW!).  Both are full price, but since I recently decided to forgo the purchase of a new dress for my Grad Ball (think: prom), and since I'm about to graduate from MAMAFRACKING LAW SCHOOL I think I may deserve a few treats.  Also, THIS.

I'm not sure where my budget is at; there's math involved and I need to determine whether my excursion to the Atlantic City J.Crew Outlet should count against my Anthro budget.  (No, you say?  Excellent!)

Urban Outfitters Exam-Related Stress Relief Therapy Haul

UO Stress Haul

1. Cooperative Conversational Boatneck Dolman, $15 online and $10 in stores.
It's a boatneck...with boats on it!  I took my true size small, which is a bit short in length, but the medium was much too baggy.  It still tucks into waist-high skirts.  It reminds me a LOT in shape and style of Anthro's Billie Shirt, which I already have but LOVE.  So I'm gonna go ahead and say that this isn't repetitive to own.  I'm also kind of into the purple motif of this shirt, which features pears.  I may have to look into that one:

2. Sparkle & Fade Wrap-Around Tulip Skirt, $20 online, $15 with damaged merchandise discount (missing the inner button).
I took my true size small.  The medium was definitely too bulky.  I like the smooth feel of the fabric and the paperbag waist.  It's a bit shorter than I usually wear, coming a few inches above the knee, but it's not TOO short.  It's also not clingy, so the loose feel of the skirt counterbalances its length, providing a great classy/sexy look.  Despite its wrap-ness, the material is substantial so I wasn't worried about a strong breeze putting my lady bits out into the world.

3.  Kimchi Blue Leaf Stretch Belt, $24 here.
This is cute.  I think I will wear it a lot.  But maybe I won't, in which case I'll return it.  (I took a M/L, which is my normal size in belts).

4. Watch Globe Pendant Necklace, $34 here

Watch Globe Pendant Necklace, $34 at Urban Outfitters, here.  (Shown in brass; also available in silver)  
(PS: "Could this name BE more descriptive?" - Chandler Bing, in my imagination)  

I really love this necklace!  It comes down almost to my belly button and is hugely round:

PS: I want to tell you an AMAZING story about the Blooms Above the Snow cardigan you see above, but that'll have to wait for another day; this entry is long enough as it is!

How was your weekend?  Don't you wish we could play the Anthropologie sale guessing game already?

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