Monday, May 9, 2011

Sale Haul -- Separating the Loves from the Stress Buys

Well, you all just can't resist a train wreck, can you?

Word of my misbehavior during last week's Anthropologie sale seemed to spread far and wide thanks to a few of my guilty tweets/comments on EA.  Based on the huge spike in my page counts whenever I post one of these sale hauls, you all love living vicariously through my financial irresponsibility.

I'm not disappointing you this week...I had to split my purchases into two polyvore sets.  The first are my purchases from the two weeks or so leading up to last week.  The second set are my purchases in the last week since the new Anthropologie sale items were posted.

In fairness to me, before you skip through past the jump, let me offer the following justifications:
  • I was pretty stressed on Tuesday, as it was the day before my very last law school exam EVER.
  • Half of my Anthropologie wishlist went on sale.
  • ...That's all I got.
I would love your help deciding which items I need to return.  I'm pretty sure a few of these items were stress buys and your advice would be ever so helpful now that more my rational head prevails.

Details and polyvore sets after the jump...


1. Draped Collar Tunic ($40):
I loved this one, but it wrinkled like NOBODY'S BUSINESS.  Unbelievably crinkled.  I don't really like ironing, and it seems like there are lots of the shirt still in stock in stores (and it's still available online) so I returned this shirt until it gets a second cut.  When it does, I can use the $20 savings to buy a steamer.

2.  Drawing Parallels Skirt ($70):
This was a rare full-price purchase for me (here).  I decided to return it since it WILL eventually go on sale.  There are over 50 of them in stock online in my size so I decided to return it and wait for sale.


I bought a few items over the last few weeks between tempting Anthro sales.  Most of this stuff was from the Atlantic City outlets!

Haul Pre-pre final
1. Pacific Shimmer Earrings (Anthro, $28 in stores; not yet available online in U.S., 18 GBP here).  Quick story about these:  I saw them in stores two months ago and LOVED them, but decided to wait until sale as I always do.  Then they disappeared.  I spent two months looking for them and kicking myself for not just buying them when I saw them; the difference between the regular price and the sale price will be $8, so why didn't I just buy them?  ARG!  But, thankfully, they seem to have resurfaced in stores in great quantities.  While I feel sure they'll eventually hit sale, I didn't want to experience regret for $8.  I love them and they go with everything!  One thing to think about if they appear online---there is a dramatic difference in appearance between pairs.  It seems like lots of these stones are different sizes and shapes, so you may get bigger square ones or smaller roundish ones depending on the luck of the draw.

2. Courtier Skirt (Leifsdottir, $65 here).  I told you I was going to buy it.  I got my normal size six.

3. Maryam Tank (Anthropologie, $30).  This was a peer pressure purchase.  It's popular so I gave in and bought it.  Even in a size small, it fits a bit big, so I may not keep it.  I like it as a layering piece; it looks good on other bloggers when it poke out from underneath shirts and sweaters.

4. Antique Lace Tiered Skirt (Ann Taylor, $60 in stores.  $80 here in larger sizes).  I saw this on a few bloggers (here and here) and caved to the pressure.  It's so lovely, and I managed to grab it for an extra 20% off the sale price!  It fits TTS for me; I got my normal size 6.

5. Two skinny belts from the J.Crew Outlet in A.C. ($14 each).

6. Motorcycle Zip Jacket from the J.Crew Outlet in A.C. ($25).

7. Pink silk tanktop from J.Crew Outlet ($15).

8. Ruffly purple silk sleeveless shirt from J.Crew Outlet ($20).

9. Salmon ruffled t-shirt from J.Crew Outlet ($15):

10. Blue and orange striped shirt from H&M in A.C. ($25):

11. Coach bags: ($80 total, but only $20 after some of my returns).  Sorry for the image quality...I yoinked these pictures from eBay.

ASSESSMENT:  I don't need advice on these purchases!  I'll play things by ear with the Maryam tank, the Courtier Skirt and the lace skirt; if I don't wear them in the next two months, I'll probably return them.


Here's the stuff I bought in the last week; 90% of this was purchased the day before my last exam.  I went shopping as an advance "You're done with law school!" trip (I didn't want to miss out on sale items by waiting a day), but I know that stress relief slipped in there somewhere.
Sale Haul, Pre-Final

1. It's in the Details Jacket ($80 in stores).  I loved this a few months ago and I kept waiting for it to get a second cut, and it never did.  It just disappeared from stores.  I found myself longing for it and decided to finally pounce.  Anthropologie customer service helped me find one in Alabama or something else random, and I ordered it over the phone.

2. Loop Stack Cardigan ($50).  This was a peer-pressure purchase, but I actually think I love it.  It's a light fabric that will be great for warmer months!  I sized down to a small, mostly because that's all I saw in stores.  It fits great, though.

3. Cricket Top ($40 here).  This was on my wishlist and I LOVE how it drapes.  It's that great kind of tee that's just easy and comfortable.  The stripes are more of a bright pink than they appear online.  The only problem is that I seemingly could not take a flattering picture of this top.  It's BOXY.  That suggests to me that maybe I shouldn't keep it?  It runs VERY big---I'm wearing an XS here.

4. Eastpointe Garden Top ($40).  Another one I'm thinking about returning.  It's a nice basic top, and I think it'll get a lot of wear over the summer and beyond, but this one also feels boxy.  I took a size 4.  What do you think?

5. Pinned Through Shirt ($50 here).  This one was on my wishlist.  It's a bit bigger than I remember, but I still like it!  It fits right around the arms, so I don't think I can size down.  I took a size 4.  Pretty sure I will keep this one.

6. Verdant Slip Dress ($138 here).  A rare full-price purchase.  It's beautiful and I was swept up into the fervor over this dress.  I took my true size six, which seems to be sold out pretty much everywhere.  I'm not sure if it's really ME, though.  What do you think?  I don't know if I'm comfortable with the spaghetti straps.

7. Garden of the Spectrum Mini ($100 here).  I've been in love with this skirt since Anthro posted it in an outfit ensemble with a red and white striped shirt and these wedges, which I'm TOTALLY in love with but can't afford even on sale so I have to wait until they get a second cut.  The skirt is GORGEOUS in person.  It glimmers and the colors are so vibrant.  It's RIDICULOUSLY bubbly.  ABSURDLY bubbly.  But I like that it makes a statement.  The negative is the price tag, which is equally absurd.  My current plan is to return this skirt and wait for a second cut.  It's so bizarre that I'm almost certain it will get a second cut.  There are about 20 available online in my size (sized up to an 8), so I'll just watch the situation.  Sound like a plan?

8. Blooming Goldenrod Dress ($70).  You know I love this dress!  I reviewed it here and here.  I was afraid my love waned, but I tried it on again and was reminded of my feelings.

9. Ackee Pencil Skirt ($70 here).  Another skirt I've loved for a while.  No doubts about this one.  I took my true size six.

10. Bespoke Yoke Tee ($40).

11. Botanical Crossway Dress ($100).  This is just so beautiful.... (PS: Check out that bicep!)  This photo was taken the afternoon my phone was stolen.  I tweeted the picture before the mugging, so I have a copy online.  As I mentioned yesterday, a wonderful EA reader named Haley found one in my size in Memphis.  I took my true size 6.  It had a bit of room in the bodice but felt very comfortable elsewhere.  Not sure if a size four would be better.  I absolutely love the feel of this dress; it's substantial and yet light and airy.  I can wear it without a bra, too.  This will be a staple maxi dress for me!

While I'm on the subject of this dress, thank you all for your wonderful words of support yesterday in response to my blog post about my mugging (and for those who responded to my plea for this dress on EA).  It meant a lot to me that you were there.

I don't have pictures of the other items.  The Fantastic Field Skirt (with the orange poppies---ordered over the phone) is GORGEOUS and vibrant.  I sized up to an 8.  The other accessories are fabulous, but I'm not sure if I'll keep the big hoop earrings at the bottom right corner of the set.  They were only $10, so I succumbed at the time.

I hope this post fed your appetite for sale indulgence!  I am fervently hoping that there is no sale at Anthropologie tomorrow so my wallet gets a break!  Not to mention...I don't even have a wallet at the moment... (whomp whomp)

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