Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sale Haul - In Three Parts

Anthropologie continues to chip away at my Tag Sale Wish List, but it does so slowly and without the expected gusto (read: free shipping online or an extra %-off promotion).

Sale Haul

Brickwork Tee, $30 here.

This is a good, basic tee shirt.  I had to size down from a small to an XS and you can tell that it's still a little loose.  If you're normally an XS, I think you'll be sized out of this one.

Lining-the-Field Scoopneck, $40 here.

I love the colors of this shirt.  It's very loose and breezy, but the colors seem to add the illusion of shape.  Either way, it's another nice easy piece.  I'm wearing my usual size small here since the stores in NYC didn't have any XS's in stock and I didn't care enough to buy it online (it's now sold out in XS, anyway).  I'm okay with the baggy fit.

In an Instant Dress, $50 in stores.
(PS Anthro: WAY too confusing to give this piece a name so similar to another yellow-skirted of yours, the In a Moment Dress.  Agree/Disagree?)

I reviewed this dress here two months ago and found my normal size six to be a bit big, but the size four to be a great fit.  Sadly, when I tried it on after it hit sale this week, I found the size four to be tight around the gut, but the size six to still be a bit big on top.  I attribute this to the two pounds I gained this month (graduation festivities and the like), which puts me about five pounds above my goal weight, which would certainly affect my in-between sizing.

I absolutely love this dress and couldn't wait to rip the tags off, but I can't commit to a size until I get down to my normal weight and see whether I need the six or the four.  In the meantime, I bought both sizes and will hang onto them until I am where I want to be, weight-wise.

Thatch Palm Blazer, $50 in stores.
Another one reviewed here in a size eight, which was one size too big.  The emerald green color is vibrant, if not a bit leprochauny, but I could barely resist purchasing it before flying off to Israel in March; I probably would have done if the Philadelphia store had a size six in stock.  Upon my return, this jacket had seemingly vanished; I held out hope that it would reappear magically once it went on sale, since it seems that Anthro hoards miscellaneous pieces in their backstock only to take them out once the prices are cut.  That was exactly the case here!

Frozen Globes Necklace, $10

I bought this necklace because it was only $10.  I don't know if I will keep it.  On the one hand, if I wear it twice then I'm satisfied that I got value out of it.  On the other hand...big green beads that rest obtrusively between my boobs?  Is that doing it for anyone?

Jumping Jade Necklace, $10.

See above about my weakness for $10 necklaces.  This multi-strand necklace is almost offensively absurd because it's so huge and gaudy, and WTF does this frog have to do with anything?

On the other hand, it's the biggest, most ridiculous necklace I own, and don't those come in handy sometimes?  Could it come in handy twice?  Perhaps to distract people from the fact that I haven't taken a shower (again and again)?


I bought these items, but intend to switch them out for different colors/sizes.  I'm fervently hoping free shipping at comes back soon, since the items I need are still available in big quantities online but I had trouble finding them in my stores.

Amplified Stripes Blouse, $50 here.
I bought this in orange (my normal size four), but as I was about to put it away in my color-coded closet next to the SIX OTHER SHORT-SLEEVE ORANGE SHIRTS I OWN, I realized that perhaps the blue and white striped version of this shirt would be a better investment.

As of this moment, there are more than 50 left in my size online, so even if I can't make an even exchange in stores I know it's available to me.

Lush Amalgam Tank, $40 here.

This blouse fits TTS.  I need a small and couldn't find one in NYC, but there are about sixty left online.

Light As Air Pullover, $40 here.

What is it with me and Anthro pullovers lately?  First the heat index (worn here), then the airy weave, and now this one.  I caved and bought a size large, but it's really way too big in the armpits.  There are about thirty mediums left online, so I might as well get the correct size.


I went to the Coach outlet in Atlantic City today with the most limited of intentions: find a replacement for the wallet that was stolen a few weeks ago.  I don't know what it is about the Coach Outlet, but it's sort of a black hole of rationality for me.  I walk in there and I lose all concept of the value of money.  While I hem and haw about a $140 dress (here) or an $80 cardigan (here), I plunk down almost $200 on a bag with only a few minutes of deliberation.

It's not even that Coach bags are my Kryptonite or anything...I can't think of a way to explain it other than to say that money has no value in that store.  Does that make any sense?  Perhaps it's a matter of relatively...a $175 purse at the Coach outlet is more than 50% off...if I'm saving over $175, isn't it sort of like someone is giving me this purse for free?

Coach Madison Leather Sabrina bag in Cinnamon.

...No?  That's not what it's like?


Here's the stuff I bought while I apparently blacked out after getting a 30% off coupon at the door:

Approximate costs: $175 for the bag, $27 for the umbrella, $87 for the wallet, $20 for the watermelon keychain, $20 for the blue wristlet.

Please note that the watermelon umbrella is unbelievably frigging adorable (that black teardrop-like marking is a "seed"!  And it's got a green trip around the edge like a rind!  Squee!

[Edit: photos of the umbrella open!]

Also, the purse is really, really cute.  And the color is fabulous.  And I don't have anything like it.  And I sat down to play some poker after buying it and won $168 while fantasizing about wearing the purse around town, so I think that means it only cost me $7.

Right?  RIGHT?

...No?  Not right?


What did you guys pick up in the sales this week?

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