Thursday, May 26, 2011

OOTD: Verdantly Afraid

Yesterday, I took the plunge and committed to the Verdant Slip Dress. 

Those of you who have been around these parts for a while may have noticed that I RARELY buy items at full-price, even when I absolutely love them (see, e.g., here).  I had been waffling about the Verdant Slip for a few weeks, mainly unsure about whether I'd wear this dress when I usually eschew spaghetti straps.  I suspected I might be more open to it when the weather got warmer.

We had a sunny, warm day yesterday and this dress, with its light silk, airy cut, and floral pattern was screamingly appropriate.  Furthermore, Anthro has just ordered a new batch of these dresses that won't come out until July, so I know it's NOT hitting sale any time soon. 

What really sealed the deal, though, was the fact that I'm about five pounds above my goal weight right now, and this dress still made me feel beautiful.  I NEED more pieces in my closet that can flatter me at both ends of my weight range, and not only is this dress gorgeous, but it is also stretchy enough to be forgiving.

Not only that, but it also performed admirably as I biked around Manhattan today!  I realize it was crazy to tempt fate by wearing this lovely frock on a bike, but fortunately it made it through in one piece.  I think I may have flashed half of Manhattan while riding around, though.  Whoops.

The one bad thing about this rare full-price purchase is that I was TERRIFIED while walking around yesterday.  I was so afraid of ruining this dress, of getting anything splattered on it, of smog, of unidentified street smoke, of random drops of water that looked like stains...I'm hoping that fear goes away once I realize that dry cleaning actually WILL make it clean, but until then I'll just have to do my best to stay calm.

Am I the only person with this paranoia?

For indoors.

In This Outfit:
Verdant Slip Dress (6) (here)
H&M Cardigan
After the Rain Earrings (Anthro)
Lavandula Heels (Anthro)
Rock Candy Ring (Anthro)
Anthro Hairtie

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