Wednesday, May 11, 2011

OOTD: More tales of resisting business attire

I feel like I've been a bit off my game lately.  Like I haven't quite been able to put a thought together in a coherent manner.  I've started a few nonsensical sentences in conversations with others.  I'm just not quite HERE.  Forgive me while I re-orient myself.

In the meantime, how about an OOTD?

A few weeks ago, I concluded my externship for the semester.  As you may recall, I find business attire somewhat soul-crushing, and attempt to avoid it whenever possible.  I didn't expect to be in court on my last day at the office, so I decided it was time to tackle one of the most challenging pieces in my wardrobe:  the Doubly Adorned Dress.

I bought this dress waaaay back on Halloween Weekend 2010 at the Las Vegas Anthropologie.  I had my sale goggles on and hadn't yet gotten a handle on the I-don't-need-to-buy-every-$40-dress problem.  (Arguably I still haven't, but I've gotten better).  I bought a size six, which I eventually realized was too big on me.

This dress languished in my closet NWT for months until February, when I traded my size six for a size four.  The fit was better, but after trading I realized the problem was a different kind of fit issue.  Not only did I have no clue how to wear this dress, but I also wasn't sure it even fit with my personal style.  The length is awkward and I usually don't wear dresses that expose a lot of chest/shoulders.  Not only that, but the contrast between chest/shoulder exposure and the business-y pattern of the fabric caused this dress to stick out like a sore thumb in my closet.

However, I traded a NWT dress for a dress without tags, so I was forced to either make it work or sell it.  I decided to man up and take a stab at the styling.  Not surprisingly, the office seemed like an appropriate context in which to try out this law-firm-meets-fashionista piece.

Here's my first attempt:

I think the blazer made a HUGE difference here.  Something just wasn't working for me without it:
What do you think?  Any thoughts on how I should style this dress in the future?  In no time flat it will be too warm to rely on this blazer to mute my questionable wardrobe decisions.  I like how Skylette made it look like a very high-waisted skirt here, but I'd love to also figure out how to wear it without covering most of it up.

In other news, not to pat myself on the back for a kind of strange choice, but I really enjoyed the pearl-necklace-over-the-unbuttoned-collar look.  It struck me as an unusual and mildly surprising way to wear a very vanilla accessory:

(FWIW, I couldn't decide if this detail shot was just too creepy-looking to post, but I'm going with it anyway)

In this outfit:
Anthro Doubly Adorned Dress (4)
Anthro To A Tee Blazer (S, but I need a M)
Anthro Indispensable Blouse (XS)
Anthro Reed Snake Flats (8.5) ($60 here)
Macy's Pearl Necklace
Thrifted Pearl/Rhinestone Studs
Banana Republic Headband
Fossil Watch

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