Sunday, May 15, 2011

OOTD: Lessons in Distraction (a.k.a., Once Again I Fail To Shower)

Oh, hai there.

I seem to have, once again, refused to shower this morning.  Oh yes, it was a conscious decision made in complete disregard for the senses of those around me.

In fairness, I only spent a couple of hours in this state---I worked a very early Weight Watchers meeting but had an hour-long run scheduled immediately after with my mom, who is visiting for my graduation.  I didn't want to shower twice, so my OOTD today was designed to draw attention away from the telltale greasy overnight hair and the slight glisten/coat of oil covering my skin.  (Oh, also, I forgot to wear makeup, but that part was unintentional.)

Did you notice?  Would you have noticed in the absence of the title?

My strategy:


There's a lot going on here to keep the eye occupied.  But it co-exists (at least IMO) because even though the patterns are different, the two secondary patterns (the top and the sweater) are more subtle and are similar (dot-like).  Like the patterns, the colors are also varied, but they still are unified---black, white, purple, yellow---and even though there's a lot going on, each piece echoes a color from one of the other pieces.  Finally, the ripples in the sweater mirror the jacquard in the skirt, while the shirt lays nice and flat with a hint of lace to bring the black up to the top.

2.  Legs!

'Nuff said, really.  Legs are always distracting, and usually in the good way.  I love this skirt because it's so huge and bubbly that its short length does not look inappropriate.

Witness the bubble effect:

Charming, right?  Of course right.  The class that the skirt lacks in length, it makes up for in depth.

While some might worry that such a bubble would make them look big or bulky, I actually think it has the opposite effect; the bubble is so big that the eye assumes that your actual body must be smaller than it actually is if there's so much space under the skirt.  My boyfriend always tells me that he finds looser clothes to be sexier than tight ones, since loser clothes not only leave more to the imagination but also suggest that the body underneath is so taut as to not fill out the clothes.  I think this skirt illustrates that principle.

3.  Structure, structure, structure.

When you can't seem to pull yourself together, at least make sure your outfit is standing tall.

Please note how solidly structured this skirt is.  It's a heavy fabric (but still great for spring and summer since that bubble effect allows for great air circulation).  It's also cut with a mission.  As Mandy noted, this is not a skirt you have to worry about in high winds.  I had a theory that this skirt would remain untouched even in midair, and I was right:

Not a thread out of place!  This skirt's structure makes up for my lack thereof.

4.  Headband

Remember that greasy overnight mane I mentioned before?  Tie it back, preferably with something pretty so the eyes have something to look at besides the actual strands of your hair, which are not doing a very good job of making you look like a real adult who can bathe herself:

5. Accessorize.

Give the people more to look at, for Pete's sake.
This necklace is a bonus; bearing my zodiac sign on my chest may prompt conversations about a topic OTHER than the last time I stood under running water.  Which was not this morning.

In This Outfit:
Tunic/dress worn as a shirt (Romeo and Juliet Couture) (circa 2007)
Draped Jungle Skirt (Anthro) (6)
Van Wrinkle Sweater (Anthro) (M)
Uncle Clem's Peep Toes (8.5)
Banded Together Belt (Anthro) (L)
Zodiac Necklace (Anthro) (Pisces)
Pave Ball earrings (Coach)
Marshmallow World Headband (Anthro)
Coach Bag

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