Monday, May 2, 2011

OOTD: Crotcher Madness

It's Monday!  I'm frankly not sure I survived the weekend, since I swore to myself that I'd spend the whole time studying Fed Courts and NOT updating my blog, so I wrote this post on Tuesday to auto-run on Monday.  And it's certainly within the realm of possibility that I slipped into a coma as a result of persistently bashing my head onto my desk in frustration at my utterly inadequate Fed Courts knowledge.  But we're going to just go ahead and assume that I'm conscious and that this randomness is a result of decreasing brain functionality as we approach my May 4 final exam (my ONLY exam this semester, incidentally).

Anyway.  Welcome to my brain.  Don't be frightened; you'll like it here.

I took an OOTD on my phone two weeks ago.  Wanna see it?  Yes you do.

I bought these pants for $20 a couple of months ago after having brunch with a few of my girlfriends.  Of course we found ourselves near an Anthropologie (as I am wont to find myself) and did a little bit of well-intentioned browsing.

I came upon these babies on the special "unloved items that are now $20" rack that Anthro sometimes has, and I couldn't quite resist.  The fabric of the pants is high-quality and substantial; combined with the subtle stripes these seemed like a great play on fancy trousers.

There was just one drawback:


I mean, honestly.  Have you ever seen a more crotch-tacular pair of pants?  I almost felt like I was wearing a diaper, and then on top of that, the slant of the front panel makes it look kind of like one has a camel toe EVEN THOUGH ONE MOST CERTAINLY DOES NOT THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

My friends Laura and Esme were skeptical that these would get any wear---and frankly I was skeptical too---but then I decided to just put on my big girl diaper panties and give it a shot.

And I think I love them.  They are silky smooth and classy, in a way that almost distracts from the fact that I look like I have a camel toe but really do not.  I DO NOT IT'S JUST THE CUT OF THE PANTS.  And anyway, it could be worse than having random passersby staring at my crotch.  I think.  It probably could be worse.

File these under "Irrational Love."
In this Outfit:
Anthropologie Button Parade Blouse
Anthropologie Board Room Trousers
Kenneth Cole Reaction Flats
Earrings from NYC street vendor
Sterling Filigree Ring (Courtesy of Sandra @ Closet at Capacity)
Anthro Strobe Light Ring

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