Thursday, May 19, 2011

The most depressing (read: normal) Sale Haul to date


Sale Haul 5/17

1.  Airy Weave Pullover (S) ($30 here)
2.  Springing Season Blouse (4) ($20)
3.  Turn The Kaleidoscope Tank (S) ($30)
4.  Heat Index Pullover (M) ($30 here)
5.  Pave Posts (Pearl) ($24 here)

I expect more from something called a "Tag Sale" than this.  It seems as though this week's Anthropologie sale was met with almost universal exasperation.  There were lots of new markdowns, but very few items were high on anybody's wishlist.

I did come away with a few tops that I think will be very versatile.  I'd had my eye on the Springing Season Blouse one for a while, but it disappeared from stores while it was still $40 and I wasn't willing to take the plunge.  I figured it was gone for good until I found two shirts in my size hanging in Chelsea Market (along with a De Chelly dress, which I haven't seen in months!).

The Heat Index Pullover, which may be my favorite purchase of the week, wasn't even acquired on Tag Sale Day---I bought it about a week ago after seing how fabulous it looked on Mich.  I've gotta say, I love this pullover.  It's soft, the color is beautiful, and it's the embodiment of effortless.  I can throw this on over anything and it works.  It's nice enough to wear outside and casual enough to throw on around the house when I want to relax.  It is also one of those wonderful, reliable pieces that you can trust to save the day when you're having one of those "NOTHING LOOKS GOOD ON ME" days.  It runs HUGE.  The only size available in my store was a medium, and I am sort of swimming in it, but I realized I'd be swimming in this sweater in ANY size because it's just that big.  It works, though.

I caved to the Pave Posts at full price.  They cost $24, and I've never seen jewelry marked down to less than $20 on first cut, so to twiddle my thumbs over $4 seemed silly.  These are beautiful and go with everything.  They are a great twist on the traditional pearl stud!

I've been debating popping into Urban Outfitters to satisfy my sale fix, but I may abstain---I hold out hope that next week will hold some better cuts at Anthropologie as the tag sale continues.

I returned:

I got a $50 price adjustment on:

Amazingly, this skirt received a second cut exactly two weeks after it first went on sale.  I had a suspicion that it would be reduced again (and quickly) since it is sort of a bizarre item and even the $100 sale price is crazy-steep.  I didn't take the tags off since I figured I'd end up returning this skirt in anticipation of a future second cut.  (See here.)  However, I did not think it would be reduced this quickly.  Its sales for the last two weeks must have been terrible; usually Anthro waits at least three weeks before giving an item a second cut, which allows the store to keep the money of those who pounced on a sale item right away.

Hey, I'm not complaining---if Anthro wants to give me back $50, I'll take it!

And now for an APB:

If anybody sees this dress in their store (in a size 8 or 10), please put it on hold for me!

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