Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guest Post: A Girly Blog Kind of Guy

You should meet my friend Rex.  He is, as we say in the biz, "a character."  Rex is the type of person who finds himself in outrageous situations with a frequency few can understand.  He's a law student, an entrepreneur, a techno musical artist/DJ, and a bodybuilder.  Also, he has a degree in English literature.

Recently, Rex stumbled upon a job as a blog copy editor after he emailed the authors with several grammatical errors they made in their posts.  The blog, you may be interested to hear, is called The Gloss.  This is a girly blog.  Rex, my muscle-bound, body-builder, techno-mixing, champagne-case-buying law school friend prowls girly blogs and now works for one.

Of course, I had some questions.

Of course, I have a final exam tomorrow and can't write a whole post by myself.

See?  Perfect!

Rex, what appeals to you about "girly blogs"?

They're unrelated to the law, for one. Fashion interests me. It's art just the same as paintings or sculptures, but it innovates at a faster rate. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not. It's just also just fun to look at all the pretty pictures. The dating advice is sometimes good and sometimes hilarious. I enjoy laughter.

As a copy editor for a girly blog, you've heard and read lots of girl-to-girl conversations about what girls think about what guys think about girls. Are we right about guys?

What girls think about what guys think about girls? Tricky. And it's tough to say. A lot of dating advice comes off as platitude because it's so divorced from the inherent subjectivity of interpersonal relationships. It's toxic to think in terms of "men" and "women" and better to think in terms of "him" or "her." An article by a woman might say something like "men think women who wear a lot of lip gloss will put out more easily." This woman is right about some men and wrong about other men. Some men think that, other men don't think that, and still other men don't even know what lip gloss is. So, when parsing this advice, think about into which category the man you're thinking of falls. Women's dating advice pieces are no better than men's (the book The Game comes to mind) when they purport to treat everyone the same. "Getting it right," to me, means focusing less on what makes the guy the same as all other guys and focusing more on what makes him different. It's a waste of time to try and figure out the secret to all men or all women. It's much more worthwhile to try to figure out the secret to who you're with.

How can a girl interest her boyfriend in girly topics like shopping and clothing? Is there any way to discuss what we're wearing (not lingerie) or the deals we're getting (not on lingerie) in a way that will be interesting to him?

You cannot.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

I think it's bad to try and force people to be interested in things they wouldn't ordinarily be interested in. It puts unnecessary strains on people and relationships that usually end up doing more harm than good. If he likes art, maybe he can grow to see the artistic aspect of fashion? I don't know. That's why I like it, but see above about how everybody's different. I also love saving money, which is why deals--whether they're for Chanel or for corn dogs--excite me. But I think if everything else is working right, it's okay if he doesn't understand fashion or shopping deals. No?

What do you think of maxi skirts/dresses?

I'm not crazy about them. I wouldn't say they're horrible but I think it's also hard for them to be great. Doesn't all that fabric get annoying? I'd imagine it gets caught in car doors a lot.

On a related note, what do you think is the most ridiculous trend you've seen in women's clothing lately?

Gladiator sandals.

I also really do not like boots, be they men's or women's, that have laces all the way up the front but then a zipper down the side. It's lazy and a little poseur.

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