Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Brief Ode to the Grasby Gardens Dress

I'm taking the last final exam of my law school career today.  It's probably the last academic exam I will ever take in my life, not including the bar exam this July.  I expect it will be outrageously difficult and I don't have high hopes that I will do well.  Still, I will plow through and I will finish it.  And tomorrow you will hear all about how things finished up with the 30 Day Shred Challenge, results which will inevitably be better than my exam results (did you send in your celebrations??).

But until then, in the midst of my stress, I wanted to share something lovely with you (via the miracle of auto-posting an entry I wrote several days ago, of course).  I quietly purchased Anthropologie's Grasby Gardens dress from Roxy's Anthropologie Trade Market before I left for Israel (well, mostly quietly).

It has since proved itself a rock star, appropriate for almost every occasion calling for a dress.  This includes cocktail parties, weddings (as in the photos below), and daily life.  This is one of those rare wardrobe pieces that makes me happy just to think about!  Thank you so much for selling it to me, Shannon!

I recently wore it to the beautiful wedding of a friend of mine, and the amazing photographer (here) not only snapped gorgeous photos of the bride and groom---who looked utterly happy and in love (CONGRATULATIONS YOU TWO!!!)....................but he also nabbed a few great ones of my dress and of course I am compelled to share.  (As usual, BF wants to stay anonymous, so I've hidden his identity in these photos.)

I love that ruffle on the shoulder!  It creates such an interesting silhouette, both from the front and from the side.

Can you see why this dress makes me want to jump for joy?

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