Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Book of Mormon

Just a quickie today!

BF and I got standing room tickets to see The Book of Mormon on Tuesday night.  Two thumbs way up!

Note:  I thought "Team America: World Police" was uproariously funny.  While I don't watch South Park religiously (ha ha), I seem to love all of the episodes I manage to catch.  If you thought these things were offensive or stupid, then I highly doubt you'd like the show.

This is not a review of the play.  I'll only say that I laughed out loud for huge portions of it and I am not an easy laugher.  BF and I have been quoting the lines to each other since Tuesday, and the big dance numbers were stellar.

I'd like to share a piece of the musical with you.  Please be warned, this may be, perhaps, the most offensive song ever performed on Broadway.  I beg you, if you know that you are sensitive about religion or anything that may resemble taking the Lord's name in vain, then you should not listen to this song.  You WILL be offended and you will want to leave me a nasty comment.  Don't listen to it just to see if you really will be offended, then get offended, then chew me out for posting this blasphemous music.  I'm telling you now, don't listen to this song.

In fact, for good measure, maybe nobody should listen to this song.

"Hasa Diga Eebowai"

The setup: two Mormon teenagers are sent on a mission to Uganda.  In this song, they meet the African locals for the first time.

(PS: Here's a slightly less offensive song if you really don't want to click the above, which is not a bad idea.  The setup: the two Mormon missionaries meet their other missionaries; one of the kids is disappointed with being sent to Uganda, so the other Mormon missionaries sing him this song.)

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