Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sale Haul! -- What should stay, what should go?

(Quick reminder to those Shredders out there---we start Level 2 tomorrow!)

Hoo boy.  This is one of those sales in which I didn't think I would do too much damage, and then all of a sudden the remains of my gift card were smoldering into nothingness and I was left staring at my receipt blankly, wondering what happened.

I could use your opinions on what I should return out of this haul, if anything.

Purchases - 4/12
1. Draped Collar Tunic, now $40 (here).  This shirt was on my list coming into sale day.  In fact, this was the only item on my list coming into sale day.  I tried it on over the weekend and loved it, but didn't think it would be hitting sale so fast.  But it did.  And I bought it.  My full review, with pictures, is here.

2.  Reed Snake Flats, now $60 (here).

I sized down to an 8.5 (usually a 9) and they fit wonderfully.

(Pictured IRL in the skirt shots below.)  These shoes are the reason I don't try things on at Anthro "just out of curiosity."  I try things on, they look adorable, I start fantasizing about all the ways I'll wear them...the rest is [credit] history.  These flats have been on sale for about a month already, but I only just succumbed this week.  They are extremely comfortable and I think they'll get a lot of wear in spring and summer.

3.  Runny Yoke Skirt, now $20 (here).

Wearing my normal size 6, which *juuuuuust* fits.

COME ON.  Not only was this skirt twenty dollars, but it's also super cute, flattering, and is currently the ONLY purple skirt in my possession.  I HAD to!  I sort of mooched this skirt from my friend Becca who bought it last week and looked awesomely stylish in it yesterday; Union Square happened to have one lonely one left in exactly my size, so I think it was fate.  Also, I alerted Becca to the fact that she gets a $20 back since she bought this skirt for $40 within the price adjustment period, so I think we're even.  And I won't wear the skirt around the law school since Becca claimed it first.  That's fair, right?  I can keep it?

4.  Painted Morning Skirt, now $50 (sold out online, still available in stores).

Poochy?  I sized up to an 8.

I almost didn't even try this skirt on again; I tried it on a few months ago and didn't particularly like the fit, but the sale price was tempting and I just ADORE citrus colors (see #2 above on the dangers of trying things on at Anthro).  While I already have three other yellow skirts, one of them is this one which really should not count and the others are not the same shape as this skirt.  (PS: Yes, I'm aware I never posted the "fix" for that skirt.  It's coming.)  Still, I'm not convinced that this new skirt fits me well in the waist/belly area; I seem to be experiencing some poochiness below the belt.

5.  Draped Jungle Skirt, now $40 (here).

Wearing my normal size six, which was a perfect fit.

I don't know what happened here, but something about this Eva Franco skirt just captivated me.  It's so big and playful, with borderline comical proportions, and yet so flirtatious and sexy at the same time.  I felt like my "Joy Division" (i.e., between the waist and knees area) was wrapped in an awesome bouncy bubble and was ready to go out and party like a lady.   I couldn't resist it.  The thing I like most about this skirt is that its outrageous volume lends itself well to both heels and flats; flats don't make you look too short because of the hilarious dimensions of the skirt.  I'm not sure if my feelings for this skirt are love or lust, but I guess I'll find out soon.


Green Military Henley, pictured here, $30 (still available here.)
Cropped Royal Blue Cardigan, pictured here, $25

(I.e., this is the "Budget Update" section.)

So, where does my budget stand?  The gift card has been spent (thanks, BF!).  I have $144 left in proceeds from returns.  I have $120 in proceeds from selling my unwanted clothes.  I have not earned any other money for shopping.  That's a total of $264 remaining in my Anthro budget until I get my tax refund and re-budget for the next four to five months.

So, what should I do about my sale items?  Are there any that you dislike?  That you love?  I think I may hold onto the flats for two weeks to see if they get a second cut since they've been out for a while...if I can manage not to wear them for that long.  Seychelles makes two flats are kind of similar in shape but cost a bit less---the Get Outta Town Flat (on Endless for <$50 here) or the Liz flat on Amazon here or here (cheaper on 6pm, but you pay shipping):

(Get Outta Town Flat; also available in white, pewter, aqua, and nude)

(Liz Flat; also available in black, off-white, and pewter)

[Edit: reader Meg suggested this very similar shoe from Target. Not real leather, but a great lookalike for less than $20:]

Still, the Anthro flat has more character and I love its shape and colors.  I don't know.  I'm leaning towards keeping them, but I may not feel that way after the next batch of sale stuff comes out.

I am also debating whether to return my Blooms Above the Snow Cardigan, but I don't know if the budget situation is quite that desperate yet.  (I haven't worn this cardigan yet, but I think that's because I'm a bit anxious about finally committing to it, and its $80 pricetag, and not because I don't adore it.)

Sigh.  Shopping on a budget seriously sucks!

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